Bracelets for women have been used all over the world for millennia, existing in both civilized and primitive societies. Initially, people would make bracelets out of ivory, coral, bone, or basic metals. The fierce Vikings, for example, would wear specific bracelets in battle to help them survive and win. Symbolism has always played an important role with jewelry in ancient societies.

Today you can find bracelets of almost any material, including gemstones and precious metals. For example, at the Ana Luisa online jewelry shop you will find a great variety of bangles and chain bracelets. And while the symbolic purpose of a bracelet is more subtle nowadays, it still remains. A woman’s bracelet is a jewelry item she will want to always showcase to let others appreciate it just as much as she does. It will hint towards her femininity and grace. However, bracelets have different styles and lengths and it can be quite hard to choose the suitable bracelet. This is the reason why Ana Luisa’s jewelry experts have put together the ultimate bracelets guide. In this article, you will discover the important facts you have to take into consideration when buying a bracelet!

Bracelets for women buying guide

Most clasped bracelets have a flexible structure, allowing the bracelet to sit comfortably on the wrist. This type of bracelets includes various types of closure including: lobster, fold-over, toggle, spring ring, push button, magnetic or fishhook clasp. Read our different types of bracelets buying guide to find out everything you need to know about bracelets.


These beautiful and stylish bracelets for women have a rigid form and are made to fit loosely on the wrist. While some gold bangles have a hinge or a push button, others are slip-on. One of the great advantages of bangles is that you can wear them as a single item or stacked together with other bangles for a layered look. Check this buying guide to find out more about bangle bracelets.

Bracelets for woman


Cuff bracelets

Cuff bracelets have a semi-rigid structure, with some bracelets that are more pliable than others to fit the wrist. These expandable bracelets feature a slight opening that allows the side of your wrist to slip through. This type of bracelets is very fashionable and can look sophisticated. It’s a good idea to pair them with a thin delicate chain necklace for a brilliant appearance.

bracelets for woman


Set sized bracelets

Bracelets can sometimes get difficult and not fit the hand of a person. That is why you have some adjustable options, including multiple snap buttons, chain extenders, and stretch bracelets. Set sized bracelets are versatile and creative.


bracelets for women

Chain link bracelets

These classic bracelets for women will always be in fashion. Chain link bracelets are composed of metal links connected in a specific pattern. Some chains may include rope, cable, omega, mesh, popcorn, snake, San Marco, curb, Byzantine, and S-link. Some people can also call this type a link bracelet if the links are prominent enough. Check out our chain bracelet buying guide to discover how to buy chain bracelets.


Other styles of bracelets for women include the charm bracelets, which have one or more hanging objects. A rope bracelet has a chain-like effect making you look cool and ever so chic. The anklet is an ankle bracelet that has made a spectacular comeback this year. Last, but not least, a wrap is a type of bracelet which you can wrap around the wrist multiple times (depending on the length). You can also choose to keep it classic with a pearl bracelet and let it shine solo.

bracelets for woman

How to style bracelets for women

Some bracelets are simple and delicate, while others have ornamentation such as diamonds, crystals, CZs, pearls, and precious or semi-precious gemstones. Ornamental bracelets will not have a fancy chain, because it will distract the attention away from the ornament. There are also fashion bracelets that have composed or synthetic stones, shells, mother of pearl or enamel.

bracelets for women


When styling your bracelets it’s very important to match them with your other jewelry, your manicure and with your other bracelets of course! Check out this article to discover how to style trendy bracelets.

How to clean bracelets for women

Usually, women wear fashion bracelets in special moments, when they aren’t working with their hands. Due to the bracelet’s proximity to the hand, it can get banged and bumped. This means that a bracelet has to be more durable than regular jewelry. This is something that jewelry makers generally take into account, ensuring you get a long-lasting product.

When cleaning bracelets for women, there are three things you need to consider:

  • The style of the bracelet
  • The metal/material
  • Whether it has gemstones or not

Some types of bracelets (like the simple bangle) are easier to clean than others. For a bangle you can use a damp cloth, while a chain bracelet, depending on the type of chain, may need a jewelry brush. The same way, a stainless steel bracelet will be fine if you soak it in water, while a gold plated bracelet may get ruined using the same cleaning method. And, of course, not all gemstones can withstand contact with water. Some of them are porous and you should never use anything else but a damp lint-free cloth to clean them. To find our more about how to clean your different types of bracelets, read this care guide we have prepared for you.

Bracelets for women – metals & materials

The bracelets for women are made of various metals, including precious metals such as platinum, and white, yellow or rose gold (from 10kt to 24kt). These two precious metals can increase the price of a bracelet, especially if it’s built out of a solid material. That is why gold plated jewelry is an ideal option if you want to buy more bracelets to match and wear. Gold plated jewelry offers you the possibility to afford beautiful pieces of jewelry. Palladium, rhodium and sterling silver bracelets are another alternative option for those who want a precious material but do not like gold or platinum. Recently, designers started using stainless steel to craft their jewelry. With the help of PVD coating (colored film), they obtain specific tones. Other types of bracelets use non-metal materials such as leather, beads or a cord as the main material of the bracelet.

At Ana Luisa, you will always find stylish bracelets for women. All of our items are limited edition to ensure that our clients receive a truly unique piece of jewelry. Whether you love gold plated jewelry, designer bracelets or delicate gemstone jewelry, at Ana Luisa you will find stunning pieces. Check out our online shop to view our beautiful and classy Chain Bracelets & Bangles Collections.

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