The right necklaces for women will add style to any outfit. In addition to being a wonderful and fashionable gift, necklaces offer you the possibility of sprucing up any outfit. If you want to buy necklaces online, at Ana Luisa you will discover a great variety of necklace collections.

An interesting fact about necklaces is that they are the first type of jewelry created. If you are thinking about the Ancient Egyptians, think again. Prehistoric humans used to make necklaces embellished with bones and feathers. By the Bronze Age they were already creating metallic necklaces.

History lesson aside, there are a few things you should be careful about when you buy necklaces online. Our jewelry experts at Ana Luisa have created a necklaces buying guide so that you can make an informed decision. In this article, you will discover some vital information about necklace buying and a few tips that will help you chose that perfect jewelry piece!

Necklaces for women buying guide

When you buy necklaces online you will discover many types and styles. Here are the most important things you need to consider when buying necklaces for women:

  • Necklace style
  • Metals (materials)

Different styles of necklaces for women 

You will find many styles in a jewelry shop. A choker is a short necklace that wraps around your neck while a collar is usually metallic and even shorter than a choker. A chain necklace is metallic and it can be simple of feature a pendant. A beaded necklace can have varying lengths and contains beads of different precious materials like gemstones, pearls, glass, plastic, metal or even wood. A lariat is a long (sometimes delicate) necklace that looks great with deep V necklines. A statement necklace or chunky necklace grabs attention and usually features gemstone or large metal links. A layered necklace is comprised of two or more necklaces bound together. When you buy necklaces online you will also discover beaded necklaces with multiple strands of beads. This style is called multi-strand necklace. Check out this necklace buying guide to read more about different types of fashion necklaces.

Different metals for necklaces for women

Necklaces for women come with different metals and materials. The most popular one is the gold or gold plated necklace, but you can also buy necklaces online of silver, stainless steel, titanium, copper, brass, etc. There are also wood necklaces and even textile or plastic necklaces you will find in a jewelry shop.

The most common type of gold for crafting a necklace is 14kt. Fourteen karat gold means that the gold is composed of 14 parts pure gold and ten parts alloy. This is a very good combination of metals because it will give the gold chain necklace a beautiful luster and will increase its durability. Always check the karat type when you buy necklaces online.

Any piece of gold jewelry  in the United States, including necklaces for women, must have the KT Stamp on it. It is possible for some jewelry to directly say the karat type, such as 10kt, 14kt, and 18kt. They can also have a code that represents the karat type, such as 417 (for 10kt), 585 (for 14kt), and 750 (for 18kt).

It is important to know what you spend your money on when you buy necklaces online. Usually, solid gold necklaces are more expensive (at least a couple of hundreds of dollars). On the other hand, plated gold is much more affordable, and it can look just as good. It all depends on your budget and how much money you are willing to spend on a beautiful necklace, regardless if it’s a chain necklace, a strand of pearls or a choker.

Necklaces for woman

Even though you may believe that clasps may not be important, they really are! Generally, necklaces for women have one of the following clasps: the Lobster Clasp or the Spring Ring. When you buy necklaces online, take a good look at the clasp type to see if it is crafted to your liking.

How to style necklaces for women?

Do you want the gold chain or silver chain necklace to come above your chest, at a collar length or to hang much lower? The necklaces for women come in various lengths and sizes. The most popular length for a gold necklace is 18” because it is not too short (like a choker which can be of 16”) and it is the perfect length to make it visible. Keep in mind that longer gold necklaces (such as 24” or 30”) can get caught and they might even break because of this. When you style your necklace with your clothes, it is very important to consider the necklace length. To find our more about how to style necklaces, read this article.

Necklaces for woman

If you are getting a chain necklace, it is important to decide what you combine it with. This is an important matter because it can change the type of necklace you need to purchase. If you want a necklace for a pendant or a charm keep in mind a simple rule: the gold chain has to withstand its weight. The best chains for hanging a piece of jewelry are the wheat chains and the box chains. They are strong, classy and can be worn as often as you want. A hand-made piece will truly add that unique and elegant feel to your desired chain. The circle pendant Edona Necklace below is a prime example of a timeless and elegant hand-made piece.

Necklaces for women

How to care for necklaces for women

One of the worst types of necklaces is the herringbone chain. They may look very beautiful and were selling like hot cakes a couple of years ago. But this type of chain managed to get customers mad because it would always kink.  Another type of chain that tends to kink is the snake chain. This necklace can look solid and round but it kinks easily. When you buy necklaces online you should consider the chain type because it may need extra care.

You probably had to untangle a chain from your hair in the past and remember that it hurt a lot. Most of the time small, thinner necklaces can get easily tangled causing your hair to knot. That is why you should stick with the chain necklaces crafted with a medium thickness if you have long hair. You can buy necklaces online and find the ideal thickness for you. In a necklace shop you will get all these details and information about how to care for your necklaces.

Last, but not least, it’s important to clean your necklaces periodically. Some of them have gemstones, while other are fragile. To discover more about how to clean different necklace types, read this article.

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