Whether you are looking for a present for your mom, your wife or a dear friend, there is always the question. What are the thoughtful gifts you can get? Every time there is a special occasion, somebody’s birthday or your wedding anniversary, you spend a lot of time trying to figure out what to get. Not anymore. Because we want to put your mind at ease. To help you pick thoughtful gifts, we have created a special section of this blog. We will discuss offering gifts and how to make sure that your present is appreciated. Buying thoughtful gifts is an art and, luckily for you, we are here to introduce you to this art. Read further to find out more.

What are the best anniversary gifts for her?

If you are looking to buy anniversary gifts for her, then read on. Whether you are celebrating your first year of marriage or your 30th (kudos to you), every single time is like the first time. The day is getting closer and you still don’t know which could be the thoughtful gifts for her. Flowers, chocolate, a good book or jewelry?

The answer is all of the above, but with a special focus on jewelry. Ever since hundreds of years ago, jewelry has always been one of the most thoughtful gifts for anniversaries. This is why we have special gemstones and jewelry metals dedicated to each anniversary year. Curious to find out more? Then here it is.

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Anniversary gemstones for her

For your first anniversary, it is traditional to offer her simple gold jewelry. This kind of jewelry symbolizes the golden years to come. Play it on the romantic side and offer her a stunning rose gold piece. Add a touch of contemporaneity to tradition and go for white gold.

One of the most thoughtful gifts for your second marriage anniversary is jewelry that has garnets. Perhaps you didn’t know this, but garnet is one of the oldest gemstones known to mankind and it is also very durable. If you are celebrating your third wedding anniversary, then go for pearls. Whether you choose freshwater or saltwater pearls it doesn’t matter. Just get her a beautiful jewelry piece with lustrous and delicate pearls.

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Blue topaz is the traditional gemstone for your fourth wedding anniversary, while sapphire is the perfect one for your fifth anniversary. One of the most thoughtful gifts for your sixth anniversary is amethyst. This gemstone was once the favorite of kings and queens. Buy her a beautiful onyx jewelry piece for your seventh anniversary and a tourmaline piece for your eighth one. Your ninth anniversary requires lapis lazuli jewelry, while your 10th is about diamonds that last forever.

Of course, this is just a basic view of what thoughtful gifts you can buy for your wedding anniversary. Find out more about each anniversary, whether it is your first or your 40th from our special guide of anniversary gifts for her.

Birthday gifts for her ideas

If the anniversary is very specific and you get to buy presents only for your wife or girlfriend, when it comes to birthdays, there are a lot of women you should think of. And that makes getting birthday gifts for her even more difficult. Buying the perfect gift for your mom, choosing thoughtful gifts for your sister and girlfriend or deciding what to get for your best friend – these are the thoughts that keep you awake at night when a birthday is approaching.

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And while for some people in your life it is easier to buy thoughtful gifts, we all have that somebody that we dread shopping for. You know the kind. The one that always asks whether the gift is returnable or not. Just relax, take it easy and read on. We have it all figured out and we promise that this time she won’t return your present anymore.

What thoughtful gifts to get for the women in your life?

There are many things to consider when shopping for a gift. You have to think about the age of the person you are buying the gift for, their personal taste and last, but not least, the meaning of the present. Most of the times, people don’t think about the meaning, which makes the gift impersonal.

For example, some of the most thoughtful gifts for women are jewelry pieces. But this doesn’t mean that you can get away with buying a pair of earrings. You have to think about her age, If, for example, you are buying a gift for your teenage niece, a long pearl strand may not be the ideal present. Just like a big pair of gold hoop earrings is definitely not the right present for your grandmother.

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Then, you also have to think about their style. If your co-worker wears minimal jewelry, getting her a big gemstone choker or a chunky bracelet is definitely not going to make the top of the most thoughtful gifts.

And last, but not least, you have to really put some thought into it and think about the connection between you and the one who will receive your gift. If you both are passionate about aquatic sports, for example, or the beach, then get her a pair of shell earrings. If you share a common concern about the environment, you can buy her a nature-inspired necklace. And even if you don’t share the same values or passions, you should still think about what she likes and what is important to her. If you want to know more about buying thoughtful gifts, then check out our birthday gifts for her guide.

Thank you gifts for special occasions

And then, of course, there are those special occasions when we thank the people in our lives through a couple of thoughtful gifts. Sometimes it’s Christmas, other times is Mother’s Day or even Valentine’s Day. These are also the situations when it’s hard finding out the best thank you gifts for the people in your life.

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But this is why you have us. We know which present you can buy for each occasion and we have decided to share our knowledge with you through a comprehensive guide of thank you gifts, which you can read here.

The first rule in buying thoughtful gifts for special occasions is to truly consider the occasion. Don’t get a pair of reindeer stud earrings for Valentine’s Day, for example. Try to stay within the theme of the occasion while also considering all of the other factors. What she likes to wear, her beliefs – these are some of the factors you should take into consideration.

Thoughtful gifts by Ana Luisa

Seems a bit much, doesn’t it? Don’t worry, you’ll get the hang of buying thoughtful gifts. Just check out our dedicated guides where we explain everything in detail. And, of course, visit Ana Luisa online jewelry shop afterward to check out our unique gifts for her collections. This is how you will discover the perfect jewelry for that special woman in your life, whether it is your wife, girlfriend, sister or mother. At Ana Luisa, you will always find thoughtful gifts for the people that you care about.

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