It can be really difficult finding the best gifts for wife when you are celebrating your anniversary. In a previous articole, we talked about the presents you should offer for each of the first ten anniversaries. And because we promised to cover the next ten years with useful advice, here it is. Read further to discover gorgeous anniversary gifts for her when you are celebrating between 11 and 20 years of marriage. Be inspired and discover the best gifts for wife that will sweep her off her feet.

Best gifts for wife for your 11th anniversary

sterling silver bracelet

The traditional material for the 11th wedding anniversary is steel as it symbolizes the strength of your union. However, getting steel jewelry may not be one of the best ideas for gifts for wife. You can still follow the tradition and buy her something nice with our help.

Ana Luisa’s Michelle bracelet is handcrafted in sterling silver and has a polished steel feel. It also features a dainty cross charm so that it looks chic, beautiful and elegant. 

The perfect present for your 12th anniversary

gold vermeil

If your wife loves precious fabrics, she will love your 12th anniversary. The best gifts for wife in this case are silk garments. You can buy her a beautiful silk dress or a feminine silk scarf. If you want to stick with jewelry, then what better present than a pair of classic pearl studs?

Ana Luisa’s small organic pearl studs feature freshwater pearls with a silky luster that look gorgeous. Better yet, buy her the silk dress and the pearl earrings to go with it if you want to impress her. 

Getting the best gifts for wife for your 13th anniversary

best gifts for wife

13 is not unlucky, not when it comes to your wedding anniversary. In fact, we believe that congratulations are in order. As for the best gifts for wife in this case, the traditional material is lace. Feminine, delicate and classy, lace is always a good choice. However, if you feel that you can go wrong with clothing items, then go with jewelry.

Ana Luisa’s Chloe ring is lace made solid. Carefully handcrafted and dipped in 14k gold, this ring has an intricate woven design and it looks gorgeous. We guarantee that she will adore this present. 

The best 14th anniversary gift for your wife

modern jewelry

In the past, the traditional gift when celebrating 14 years of marriage was ivory. However, we love elephants and we are sure your wife does too. So ditch the animal cruelty promoting material and get her jewelry istead. We may have the perfect piece for it.
This gorgeous mother-of-pearl necklace has a mesmerizing iridescence that resembles the elegance of ivory, but no elephants get hurt in the process of crafting it. With a classy V-neck length and a beautiful pendant, this necklace is one of the best gifts for wife. 

The perfect present to celebrate 15 years of marriage 

best gifts for wife

The best gifts for wife when celebrating 15 years of marriage are crystals. Beautiful, shimmering and durable crystals perfectly symbolize your marriage. Buy her an elegant pair of earrings, just like Ana Luisa’s Isabela Trio, either with clear or blush gemstones. With a linear drop design and emerald-cut gems, these earrings are sleek, gorgeous and perfect for your wife. 

Best gifts for wife for your 16th wedding anniversary

best gifts for wife

Did you know that the traditional material for your 16th wedding anniversary is wax? So you have to have a romantic dinner with scented candles. Add a beautiful jewelry piece to it and you get the perfect recipe for the celebration of your anniversary. In this regard, Ana Luisa’s Axel moonstone necklace is one of the best gifts for wife. With its irresistible inner glow, the moonstone is a very romantic gem and it speaks of everlasting love. 

What to get her when you are celebrating 17 years of marriage

fair trade jewelry

Well, just so you know, the traditional gift in this case is furniture. But that doesn’t sound very romantic, does it? So make it a romantic anniversary celebration and get her Ana Luisa’s Lev heart locket instead. You can hide inside it a tiny picture of you two and we guarantee that she will adore this present. 

The ideal present for 18 years of marriage

best gifts for wife

In the past, people used to offer each other porcelain when celebrating 18 years of marriage. This is still a nice present idea, especially if your wife loves vases and decorative objects. Another interesting idea is to offer her a locket with a beautiful design. Ana Luisa’s Ciel locket with lapis lazuli is mesmerizing and very romantic. It is one of the best gifts for wife as it has a uniquely distinctive design. 

Your 19th wedding anniversary gift

best gifts for wife

For your 19th wedding anniversary, you can stick with decorative objects as bronze is the traditional material for it. However, if you want to vary a little and get the best gifts for wife, we have another suggestion. Ana Luisa’s Isadora necklace inspired by ancient coin jewelry is elegant, chic and very classy. It features three ball chain necklaces and a gorgeous sun pendant and your wife will love. 

Best gifts for wife for your 20th anniversary 

pearl necklace

Your 20th wedding anniversary is an important milestone and your gift should reflect that. Traditionally, you should buy your wife china, but we think she’d be happier with a classy pearl strand. Just like your marriage, Ana Luisa’s Celine pearl strand is beautiful, timeless and amazing. 

If you want to get any of the beautiful pieces featured in this article and discover more anniversary gift ideas for her, visit Ana Luisa online jewelry shop. 

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