The friendaversary is close, but you still haven’t decided what gift to offer to your bestie. If we got that right, then stop fretting. We can help. We may not know your bestie, but we know a lot about offering anniversary gifts for her. This is why we have dedicated an entire article to you and your best friend. Read on to learn what gift to buy for your friendaversary and how to surprise your bestie with a token of your appreciation.

Friendaversary jewelry gifts

When we think about the friendaversary, jewelry is the first thing that comes into our minds. After all, there are friendship bracelets, heart lockets and other cute pieces that you can offer to your best friend. Offering jewelry to your bestie for your friendaversary is a fantastic idea, but there has to be a meaning behind it.

Friendship bracelets

A friendship bracelet is a beautiful and classic jewelry piece that you can offer with the occasion of your friendaversary. Because we understand the importance of friendship, at Ana Luisa you can find the fab friendship bracelet in three gorgeous varieties.

chain bracelets

Get the gold and blue style if your bestie loves powerful colors and to stand out wherever she goes out. If she is a nature lover and loves hiking, you should get her the green friendship bracelet. Last, but not least, if your best friend is a romantic, then Ana Luisa’s Tessa Pink friendship bracelet is a fantastic idea. You should also get one of these bracelets for yourself. This way, when you go out together to celebrate your friendaversary with cocktails, you can both wear these classy and cute bracelets.

Fun friendaversary hoop earrings

Hoops are fun and your friendaversary is about having lots of fun together. A great idea is to buy a pair of oversized hoop earrings for your bestie and then go dancing. Hoop earrings are ideal for a night of fun and dancing and she will surely appreciate your gift.

sterling silver earrings

If your best friend has a sleek, contemporary style and loves to try out new trends, then you should get her a pair of large silver hoops. She can style them with her metallic skirts and structured blouses and they make for great friendaversary gifts.

solid gold hoops

If she loves patterns, vintage styles and reinventing classic trends, then buy her a pair of solid gold hoop earrings. Your bestie will love these gorgeous and large hoops that she will get to style with her crop tops, mom jeans, and polka dots headbands.

Loveable necklaces for your friendaversary

Your friendaversary is about love, so why not get your bestie a charming heart necklace? Show her that your friendship means a lot to you with Ana Luisa’s fab Nina necklace. You can stay in the same theme and buy a pair of heart stud earrings or a layered necklace with a heart design.


If you want to more subtle about it, you can always offer her a gemstone necklace for your friendaversary. Of course, not any gemstone necklace will do. You need to choose a gem that has a special meaning, such as a birthstone. A great idea is to check out what birthstone your friendship is. For example, for somebody born in December, turquoise is their birthstone. You can simply apply that to your friendaversary. If you met your bestie in December, then turquoise is the birthstone of your friendship.

Other gifts for your best friend

Jewelry is always a great idea for your friendaversary. A jewelry piece is something that your best friend will get to wear every single day if she wants to and will always be reminded of you. It is also a thoughtful gift for a friendaversary celebration, a present that you can be sure she will like. But who said that you can offer only one present? Here are some more ideas on how to sweep your bestie off her feet on your friendaversary.

Girls’ spa time

Share some quality time with your bestie at a spa. Get spa vouchers for both of you, make an appointment and celebrate your friendaversary with deep tissue massages, cucumber water, and a relaxing Jacuzzi bath. Escape your daily life and take some time that you can dedicate only to your best friend. After a fab spa day, you will not only feel more relaxed and refreshed, but also closer than before.

A unique experience

Perhaps you have never been off-road, jumped with a parachute or went to a wine tasting. The point is to find an experience that neither of you has tried. You can have a really fun and beautiful day on your friendaversary by choosing to share a first-time experience. However, make sure that it is something you would both appreciate. If your bestie is afraid of heights, then trying to get her to jump with a parachute may not be such a good idea.

If you enjoyed discovering these wonderful ideas for your friendaversary, then you should read the rest of the articles on this blog. You can find a lot of high-quality content here, from buying guides and jewelry maintenance advice to styling inspiration.

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