You are celebrating five years of marriage or relationship, but don’t know what present to get? Buying a 5 year anniversary gift for your wife or girlfriend can be very difficult. Luckily for you, we are here to guide you through it. Ana Luisa’s gift section is aimed at helping you buy the best & most classy anniversary gifts for her. This is why we dedicate this article to your wife or girlfriend and the perfect 5 year anniversary gift they will receive from you.

A traditional 5 year anniversary gift

Strictly speaking, your fifth wedding anniversary is called the wood anniversary, which means that the traditional gift is, well, wood. That doesn’t sound too glamorous, does it? Buying a wooden spoon as a 5 year anniversary gift for your wife may not render the results you expect. But if you still want to stick with tradition, you can always try wood jewelry.

For example, Ana Luisa’s Bobby earrings are fabulous. With a chic design, these wooden hoops are great for women with a boho-chic style.

Wood Earrings

However, if your wife or girlfriend is about glamour and wears only fine jewelry, then here’s a great idea. You could get her a pair of gorgeous diamond stud earrings and then buy a handcrafted wooden jewelry box. Put the diamond earrings inside and you have just created the perfect 5 year anniversary gift, one that combines tradition and glamour.

The traditional gemstone for your fifth anniversary

Wood may be traditional for the fifth wedding anniversary, but as you may know, each anniversary has its own gemstone as well. So, in case you want to buy a 5 year anniversary gift that is both traditional and elegant, then you should know that the sapphire is the gemstone you should look for. And, luckily for you, Ana Luisa’s has just released a fab piece featuring a high-grade white sapphire.

These elegant and beautiful evil eye earrings feature two sparkling sapphire gemstones that will sweep her off her feet. Plus, they have a gorgeous design that is said to protect the wearer from evil spirits.

With this beautiful 5 year anniversary gift you will surely impress your wife or girlfriend and she will love the fact that you pay attention to details. She doesn’t need to know where you got your inspiration from and we promise we won’t tell.

An unconventional 5 year anniversary gift

If you don’t want to stick with tradition, then you can explore other options as well. A really cute idea is to choose a 5 year anniversary gift that has a special meaning. For example, you can offer her this fab Ana Luisa honeycomb necklace. With its lovely geometric design and sleek look, this will become her favorite jewelry piece in no time. And what about its meaning? Well, who said that the honeymoon couldn’t last until your fifth wedding anniversary and even after that?

designer jewelry

With this chic jewelry gift, you remind your wife or girlfriend that you are still in your honeymoon and that your relationship is still sweet.  And, hopefully, it will forever be like this.

Non-jewelry anniversary gifts

If you don’t want to offer jewelry to your significant other, or if you want to also get another 5 year anniversary gift, we still have your back. Here are some fantastic ideas for a great 5 year anniversary gift.

Buy a bouquet of fresh flowers. It is always nice to receive flowers, especially when they come with a thoughtful note. If your wife or girlfriend is not big on cut flowers, you can get her a potted plant. Even potted roses. Just don’t forget to add a personal note with a cute message so that she can see that you pay attention to details.

Another great 5 year anniversary gift is a first-time experience that you get to share. From jumping with a parachute to driving on an off-road circuit, these are adrenaline-pumped experiences that you can have together. And even if she doesn’t like experiences with adrenaline, you could still have a first time together. You could try a food item that neither of you has tried yet, visit a destination that neither of you has seen, etc.

A really nice idea for a 5 year anniversary gift is to recreate your first date. Of course, this could be difficult, but not impossible. And we believe it is worth it because this is how you show your wife or girlfriend that everything is still like in the beginning.

Best anniversary gifts for her by Ana Luisa

Whether it is your fifth or twentieth wedding anniversary, at Ana Luisa you will always find amazing gift ideas. We have created this blog section to help you choose beautiful and memorable gifts for the people in your life. And we say people because here you can find more than anniversary gift ideas. Read our other articles to get fantastic ideas for birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, and any other occasion.

If you have found your perfect anniversary gift in our featured creations in this article, then there is only one thing left for you to do. Head out to Ana Luisa online jewelry shop and get the pieces that caught your eye. If you want to see more unique jewelry gifts and discover gorgeous designer pieces that she will love, then check out our other collections as well.

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