If you are searching for the perfect Christmas gifts for girlfriend, then we may be able to help you. Think of us as Santa’s little helpers because we know what your girlfriend wants for X-mas this year. And we are going to help you offer her the perfect X-mas present. So keep on reading to learn how to buy thank you gifts for the important people in your life, in this case, your girlfriend.

Best Under $100 Christmas Gifts for Girlfriend

Want to buy fantastic Christmas gifts for girlfriend, but have a limited budget? Don’t worry, we have put together a selection of beautiful jewelry pieces, all under $100.

These cute and versatile solid gold mini hoops are not only fashionable but also fair priced. Your girlfriend will be able to wear them every single day if she wants to and accessorize them with her other pieces. 14k gold hoops are some of the best Christmas gifts for girlfriend because they are essential jewelry pieces. You can personalize your gift with a handwritten note and a bouquet of flowers and you get the perfect X-mas present for your loved one.

Another great idea when it comes to Christmas gifts for girlfriend is this dainty pearl necklace. It features a sturdy gold chain and a lustrous freshwater pearl that is mesmerizing. Offering a natural pearl necklace is a fantastic idea as women have a special relation with pearl jewelry.

freshwater pearls

And speaking of pearls and Christmas gifts for girlfriend, this beautiful and unique enamel charm bracelet will make your girlfriend very happy. With hand-painted enamel beads and a freshwater pearl charm, this bracelet is a beautiful and memorable X-mas gift.

And, of course, all these Christmas gifts for girlfriend are under $100, just like we promised. Check them out or discover more beautiful jewelry at Ana Luisa online jewelry shop.

Best Sparkling Christmas Gifts for Girlfriend

If your girlfriend likes a bit of bling, then we have a couple of ideas about what she might like. Depending on your budget, you can buy Christmas gifts for girlfriend with various clear gemstones that have a powerful sparkle. She will definitely get a glamorous look when wearing any of the jewelry pieces below.

If you have a bigger budget for Christmas gifts for girlfriend, then get her diamonds. With a fiery sparkle and a glamorous look, Ana Luisa’s diamond set is one of the best Christmas gifts for girlfriend. Of course, you can get the set or buy the pieces separately. Offer her a pair of diamond stud earrings or a dainty gold necklace with a diamond pendant. Impress her with this amazing X-mas present that she will never forget.

You can also buy her other sparkling jewelry that is appropriate for this festive occasion. For example, these beautiful star earrings featuring a cluster of cubic zirconia gemstones are not only glam but also feminine. These earrings are some of the best Christmas gifts for girlfriend as their celestial theme works beautifully with the X-mas spirit.

And last, but not least, this gold layered necklace set is also a great present idea. With a sparkling cub zirconia pendant and another gold horn pendant, this necklace is fashionable and unique. She will love accessorizing this necklace with her other pieces and will definitely not want to take it off ever again.

Best Traditional X-mas Presents for Your Girlfriend

Plan on offering traditional Christmas gifts for girlfriend? We also have some ideas that will help you pick the best present.

Perhaps you didn’t know this, but turquoise is the birthstone for December. She may not be born in December, but it will definitely be a nice touch to offer her a piece of jewelry featuring turquoise. Ana Luisa’s Marianne necklace is as pretty as it is fashionable. With a vintage-inspired design and a charming turquoise pendant, this necklace is one of the best Christmas gifts for girlfriend. Watch her glow with happiness as she unwraps her X-mas present.

Another beautiful X-mas present for your beloved is Ana Luisa’s Ava layered necklace set. This unique jewelry piece features there necklaces: a long coin necklace, a medium-sized onyx necklace and a short necklace with a Virgin Mary pendant. Together they create a beautiful jewelry piece that your girlfriend will simply adore.

necklaces for woman

If you want more ideas for X-mas gifts, check out these statement earrings as well. With pearls and red agate, these beautiful earrings have a festive look. They also combine the sleek texture of gold with the powerful red color and the subtle luster of pearls. The result is a pair of unique earrings with an adorable X-mas vibe.

agate jewelry

Unique X-mas Gifts by Ana Luisa

This year you are getting the best Christmas gifts for girlfriend with Ana Luisa’s recommendations. We have created this gift section to help you choose beautiful presents for the important people in your life. If you want to get more ideas about what presents to buy, check out the rest of our other articles. Discover what X-mas presents to buy for your mom, little sister or even grandma.

To see more X-mas jewelry and discover unique pieces, visit Ana Luisa online jewelry shop. Our jewelry is not only beautiful and elegant but also ethically-made. We use recycled gold to create unique designs that women love. At Ana Luisa, you will always find the best jewelry pieces for the women in your life.

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