You may not realize it yet, but Christmas is just around the corner. You can avoid the Christmas shopping craze of searching for unique Christmas gifts for your family. How? By preparing ahead of time. This year, you will know exactly what thank you gifts to buy for the people in your life. Keep reading to discover Ana Luisa’s top suggestions for unique Christmas gifts this year.

Unique Christmas Gifts for Her & Him

Sweep her off her feet with a fab X-mas gift this year. Choose a classy jewelry gift that she will love. For example, we recommend this gorgeous diamond set by Ana Luisa. Delicate, feminine and easy to accessorize, the set is composed of a dainty diamond necklace and a pair of sparkling diamond studs. We guarantee that your wife or girlfriend will love this present. On top of being gorgeous, this diamond set is also great because she gets to wear it on the New Year’s party. Show her that your love for her is just like diamonds – forever.

And what about unique Christmas gifts for him? Well, we may not have jewelry for men, but we have suggestions. Buy him a classy bowtie in a chic box or a sleek watch that he can also wear to the party. If he is into winter sports, you can also get him a snowboard.

Unique Christmas Gifts for Your Parents

How can you find unique Christmas gifts to show your parents how much you care about them? That’s easy. All you have to do is put some thought into it and think about their needs. As long as you keep in mind the person you are buying the gift for, you will manage to get the perfect X-mas gift. So here are our suggestions for your mom and dad.

Perhaps you didn’t know this, but your mom loves pearls. There is something unique about the delicate luster of a high-grade pearl. And because we promised unique Christmas gifts, take a look at Ana Luisa’s Hope pearl earrings. As opposed to classic pearl earrings, these drop earrings feature baroque pearls that come in unique shapes. No pearl is like the other when it comes to baroque shapes. So you can rest assured that when you are getting these earrings for your mom, you are buying unique Christmas gifts.

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As for your dad, think about his hobbies. You can get him a new tool kit if he likes tinkering or you can introduce him to the benefits of technology by getting a smartwatch for him. If he is into sports, make sure to get tickets to his favorite team’s next match.

Great X-mas Gifts for Your Siblings

If you are an only child, you can skip this part or use it as advice for your cousins. If not, keep reading to discover how to buy unique Christmas gifts for your siblings this year.

Make you sis happy this year with a beautiful and elegant bracelet. Ana Luisa’s Oblivion bracelet is a work of art with hand-painted enamel and a lustrous freshwater pearl. This charm bracelet is feminine, easy to accessorize and eye-catching. Wrap it in a nice festive box and watch your sister glow with happiness as she unravels your present.

And what about unique Christmas gifts for your brother? Get him a handcrafted personalized wallet. You can have his name initials carved into the wallet or choose a symbol that represents his beliefs or hobbies. You can also include a nice handwritten note inside the wallet so that your brother knows how much you care about him.

Beautiful X-mas Gifts for Your Grandparents

Wondering what unique Christmas gifts to offer to your grandparents? We got that covered. For your grandma, choose a sleek pendant necklace with an emerald-cut stone. Classy, elegant and always appropriate, Ana Luisa’s Palace necklace is the ideal X-mas gift for your grandmother. You can also choose from three gorgeous colors – rose pink, olive green or deep blue.

As for your grandpa, get him a beer home brewing appliance. Your grandfather probably loves making his own wine, so offer him the chance to try making his own beer as well. Of course, you will have to drink it when it’s ready, so make sure to get him a beer brewing book as well.

Unique Christmas Gifts for Your Aunt & Uncle

Looking for unique Christmas gifts for your cool aunt and uncle? Read on to discover our suggestions.

Your aunt will surely appreciate a pair of artistic earrings, so take a look at Ana Luisa’s Hana Marble Pink enamel earrings. With hand-painted enamel and a gorgeous design, these earrings are festive, elegant and stunning. Offer them in a chic Ana Luisa box and your aunt will know exactly how much you care for her.

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For your uncle, you should get a goodie basket that includes his favorite wines along with dark chocolate and other sweets. You can make it more personal by adding a nice handwritten note or if you are good with drawing, his caricature.

These are our suggestions for unique Christmas gifts for your family. If you want to get more present ideas, make sure to read our other articles as well. To see any of the Ana Luisa designs featured in this article and discover more X-mas jewelry, visit Ana Luisa online jewelry shop and have a look at our dedicated collections.

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