What do I want for Christmas – the question that is even harder than the one referring to your loved ones. Most of the time, we think about what people around us want for X-mas and forget to think about ourselves. To prevent that from happening, we have created an article that will help you get an answer to the question of what do I want for Christmas. Keep reading to discover what thank you gifts to buy for the people in your life and what present you want this year.

What do I want for Christmas – tips for finding an answer

You believe you have everything you need and you can’t think of anything you would like to receive, is that so? We hate to break it to you, but this is simply not true. The reason why you can’t think of anything you want for X-mas has a lot to do with the fact that you spend your time thinking about what your loved ones want. Christmas is on your mind, yes, but not for yourself. This way, your mind gets tired of X-mas and you go under the impression that you don’t want anything.

So you need to take a step back, relax and think about yourself. What do I want for Christmas? Make a list of your favorite activities and upcoming events. If you like sports, then perhaps you need a new fitness bag. If you love painting, then maybe you need new oil colors. Your hobbies represent an inspiration source when it comes to discovering the answer to the question of what do I want for Christmas.

Another source of inspiration is that tiny paper where you write your New Year resolutions. Perhaps you want to travel more? Or take up a new hobby? We all have new plans for the New Year, but most of us have a hard time keeping up with them. So why not choose something for X-mas that will support your resolutions? A travel journal, a yoga mat or a couple of piano classes – the world is your oyster. What do I want for Christmas? Something that will help me achieve my plans for the next year.

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And last, but not least, think about the events you are going to attend. Not every present needs to be practical – some can just be beautiful. When trying to answer the questions what do I want for Christmas, think of the upcoming parties, galas or concerts. Think about what you are going to wear, whether it’s a dress, a purse or jewelry.

What do I want for Christmas – Ana Luisa’s Wishlist

If the answer to what do I want for Christmas is jewelry, then we have a couple of suggestions. After all, we are in the business of making women happy.

Pearl jewelry rocks

What do I want for Christmas? Pearls, of course. As Coco used to say, a woman only needs lots and lots of pearls. And, luckily for you, at Ana Luisa we have lots and lots of pearls.

Get the Mini Naomi pendant necklace with a tiny and delicate freshwater pearl pendant to add a subtle touch of elegance to your look. You can also get the Mini or the Small Organic pearl studs by Ana Luisa to create a jewelry set. Lustrous, with classic round pearls and feminine, these studs are not only versatile but also glamorous.

If you want your pearls to stand out or you are tired of the classic pearl jewelry, then we still have your back. Check out Ana Luisa’s Alba hoop earrings with pearl charms. Edgy, contemporary and unique, these earrings will transform you into a fashion icon.

Sparkling gemstones

Clear gemstones that sparkle beautifully in the light are festive. They can also be the answer to the question of what do I want for Christmas.

What do you say about diamonds? Ana Luisa has a brand new diamond jewelry collection that features a diamond pendant necklace and a pair of diamond studs. This gorgeous set is not only glamorous and irresistible, but it is also ethical. We use 100% recycled gold in our jewelry creations and our diamonds are clean lab-grown gemstones. Get a festive feeling and sparkle beautifully in the night with Ana Luisa’s diamond set.

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Be protected from evil spirits and enter the New Year in style with Ana Luisa’s Evil Eye stud earrings. With a gorgeous design and sparkling white sapphire, these earrings are bound to be out of stock soon. If you want them, come and get them.

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How to let people know what you want for X-mas

Most people will ask you directly, but if they don’t, you can make their job easier and create a “What do I want for Christmas” wishlist on Ana Luisa’s website. Then you can just send it to your loved ones so that they know what to get. Trust us, they will be happy about it. After all, wouldn’t you be happier if all you had to do for getting a present is to consult a list?

If you enjoyed reading this article, then go ahead and check the rest of our blog posts. We constantly publish interesting content that helps you navigate the world of jewelry like a true fashion icon. If you have your eyes set on any of the pieces featured in this article, then visit Ana Luisa online jewelry shop. Check out our Christmas jewelry collections to discover more unique & gorgeous designs.

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