If you are wondering which are the best gifts for girls, you have come to the right place. Whether you plan on buying a birthday gift for your niece or a surprise present for your little sister, it can be difficult to choose the right gift. Sometimes, it is even easier to buy presents for women than pick a gift for a young girl. This is why we have created a comprehensive buying guide that will help you choose the perfect gifts for girls. Read on to discover how to get the best birthday gifts for her and make your niece, little sister or even daughter smile with excitement as she unwraps her present.

Best gifts for girls under 7 years old

Looking for suitable gifts for girls under 7 years old? Then you need to know that you have more options than toys. Sure, children love toys but most of these toys end up lost, broken or forgotten in an attic. If you want to get a special gift, one that your little niece will still have when she turns into a teenager, then you have to consider jewelry.

When it comes to gifts for girls, it is customary to offer a couple of essential fine jewelry pieces and get her started on her collection. However, you need to be careful about what you buy. Avoid beads and jewelry that she can play with. For example, you can get her a pair of solid gold hoop earrings, but choose a small or medium-sized pair. She will forever have this pair of earrings and, because of their simple design, there is no danger in her wearing them, even if she is very young.

Other jewelry gifts for girls under 7 years old include pieces that her parents can store safely inside the jewelry box until she is older. For example, you could get her a delicate flower jewelry set, just like the one below. With a fab gold flower bracelet and a delicate flower necklace, this jewelry set is one of the best gifts for girls. She will be able to wear it when she is older, and it is suitable for both young girls, teenagers, and your women.

Best gifts for girls between 7 and 14 years old

Gifts for girls at this age should focus on fun and playful jewelry. This is the age when your niece or little sister discover how to experiment with fashion styles. You should buy jewelry gifts for girls with special designs, such as Ana Luisa’s Maha earrings & Nina necklace.

Mothers day gift jewelry

These cute heart earrings are some of the best gifts for girls and so is this necklace. Sleek, playful and with a very chic vibe, these jewelry pieces will enchant her. You can also get them as a set and offer your little sister a jewelry set she will adore.

And speaking of interesting designs, celestial jewelry is another great idea of gifts for girls at this age. She will love these silver star earrings that are delicate, gorgeous and contemporary. Once again, these earrings are essential jewelry pieces that she will be able to wear every single day.

If you want to get a glamorous present, then try Ana Luisa’s Raya earrings with a cluster of cubic zirconia gemstones. These earrings are some of the best gifts for girls because they are both chic and elegant.

And last, but not least, this moonstone necklace is also a wonderful idea. Feminine, elegant and with a nature-inspired design, this necklace is a great idea for when you want to buy chic gifts for girls.

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Amazing gifts for teenage girls

They say teenagers are difficult, but we don’t agree. Well, it may be difficult to convince your teenage sister that math classes will be useful in the future, but getting her the perfect gift is not difficult at all. When it comes to gifts for girls that are over 14 years old, you need to pay attention to the trends. At this age, girls are already accustomed to fashion and they are developing their personal styles.

So the best gifts for girls at this age are contemporary jewelry pieces with unique touches. For example, Ana Luisa’s Jenny lacquer hoops will surely get her attention. Get them in off-white, navy or turquoise depending on her preferences.

If hoop earrings are not her style, then we have some more presents to recommend. Just like the Jenny earrings, these gorgeous Polka studs are handcrafted in enamel. Sleek, contemporary and fashionable, these beautiful stud earrings will surely get her attention.

And while it is customary to offer pearls to women when they turn 30, there are no rules that tell you can’t offer them to younger women as well. One of the best gifts for girls is this gorgeous Oblivion charm bracelet by Ana Luisa. With charming enamel beads and a freshwater pearl charm, this bracelet is both elegant and playful.

Unique gifts by Ana Luisa

If you enjoyed discovering the best gifts for girls, then check out the rest of the articles on this blog. We have started on a new gifting section that is aimed at helping you choose the best presents for the important people in your life.

To get any of the creations featured in this article and discover more birthday gift ideas, visit Ana Luisa online jewelry shop and check out our fabulous collections.

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