Fashion necklaces are great to spruce up any outfit and complete your look. When you buy necklaces online you will discover a great variety of products. Different lengths, different styles, and different materials make the necklace one of the most diversified jewelry types. To find out more about styling, cleaning and recognizing different necklaces for women, read our comprehensive guide. In order to know which fashion necklaces to buy to complement your personal style, Ana Luisa’s experts have put together an amazing necklace buying guide.

Read further to find out everything you need to know about fashion necklaces according to:

  • Their various styles
  • Different lengths
  • Different metals & materials

Fashion necklaces styles

From delicate chains to statement gemstones pieces, you can buy necklaces online that come in very different styles. Just so you know, here are the main fashion necklaces styles you will find in a necklace shop.

The collar

This is a short necklace, usually metallic. Just as the name suggests it, it appears like a collar and it can be very elegant.

The choker

A choker is another short necklace type, but it is a little bit longer than a collar. When you buy necklaces online, you will notice that the choker comes in many styles and materials.

The beaded necklace

A beaded necklace contains a thin strand that features lots of beads. The beads can be precious and semi precious stones, glass, plastic, wood or even metal. In a necklace shop, you will find beaded necklaces of different lengths.

The statement necklace

This type of necklace is usually, a chunky piece or a necklace featuring many gemstones. When it comes to fashion necklaces, every woman has at least one statement necklace.

The lariat

The lariat is a thin and very long necklace. It can be all-metal or it can have beads or pendants. If you want to buy necklaces online, make sure you get a lariat as well because it is a versatile and elegant piece.

The chain necklace

This is a classic metallic piece of jewelry. A chain necklace can be thin or chunky, simple or with a pendant. The chain can have various styles and patterns. To find out more about buying a gold necklace chain, read this guide.

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The layered necklace

A layered necklace is a piece of jewelry where you get multiple strands bound together. Of all the fashion necklaces, the layered necklace is the hottest trend at the moment. In a necklace shop, you will find layered necklaces of metal, beads, or other materials.

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Different lengths of fashion necklaces

A beaded necklace, for example, can be very long, like a lariat, or it can reach your collarbone. This applies to most of the fashion necklaces, so when you buy necklaces online it’s important to know about their different lengths. So, without further ado, here are the lengths for all the fashion necklaces:

  • The collar is the shortest and it has between 12 and 14 inches.
  • A choker necklace has between 15 and 16 inches. From gemstone gold chokers to lace and leather chokers, read this guide to discover how to buy a choker necklace.
  • The princess necklace, which can be a chain necklace, a beaded one or other styles, has between 17 and 19 inches.
  • A matinee necklace length means that your necklace has between 20 and 24 inches.
  • An opera necklace hangs just below the breast area and it has between 28 and 34 inches.
  • The rope necklace, including the lariat, has over 45 inches.

When you buy necklaces online it is very important to notice the length because this determines how you style your necklace. The fashion necklaces’ lengths also determine whether it’s appropriate or not to wear a certain necklace on a certain occasion.

Types of materials & metals for fashion necklaces

When you buy necklaces online, you should carefully consider the metals and materials. What the necklaces contain is the most important factor when establishing its price. Fashion necklaces fall into the following categories according to the metals and materials:

The gold necklace

A gold necklace contains a percentage of gold in an alloy. 24k means 100% pure gold, but you can’t find that sort of jewelry in a necklace shop because gold is too soft. Instead, you will find alloys ranging from 10k to 22k. They can have various colors, from yellow gold to white and rose gold.

The gold plated necklace

This type of necklace is the most versatile of fashion necklaces. If you want to buy necklaces online, make sure you understand the differences between plating types. Gold plated means that your necklace has a thin layer of gold over another metal or alloy. Gold filled necklaces contain a thicker layer of gold than gold plated ones. Vermeil necklaces are made of silver with a thin layer of gold plating.

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The silver necklace

Silver necklaces are easy to match and high-quality. If you buy necklaces online, make sure you also buy a silver polishing cloth to prevent your necklace from

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The Platinum necklace

Platinum necklaces are elegant and spectacular. They can be quite expensive because platinum is very rare and hard to work with. When you buy necklaces online make sure you don’t confuse the platinum with white gold.

The pearl necklace

Pearl necklaces are made of pearls on a strand. You should take extra care of them because pearls are fragile gemstones. The price of a pearl necklace will vary depending on the types of pearls. Read this article to find out how much is a pearl necklace.

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The gemstone necklace

Gemstone necklaces contain various gemstones and a metal chain or strand. Just like with pearl necklaces, when you buy gemstone fashion necklaces make sure you read the care instructions carefully. Also, notice the cut and clarity of the gemstones because the price will depend on those factors.

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Other metals for necklaces

Other metal necklaces can have copper, stainless steel, brass, titanium or even wood, plastic or textile. Always consider the materials to make sure you pay a fair price for your fashion necklaces.

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