Gold necklaces are a good jewelry choice to enhance your look for any occasion. There is nothing as beautiful as a necklace, especially if it has an interesting pattern or a cool pendant. And, of course, only a handful pieces of jewelry are as versatile as a chain necklace. There are many types of chain necklaces that it can be hard to decide on the right one. In this article, you will discover the types of chain necklaces and the materials used to craft them.

Anchor Chain

This type of chain features oval links with an alternate vertical and horizontal orientation. A common feature to the anchor chain necklace is the vertical bar in the middle of each link. As a result, this bar gives durability, strength and a nice style to the chain.

Bead or Ball Chain

This chain is composed of metal orbs which are set at regular intervals. These types of gold necklaces can be the fashion twist that you need for your next occasion.

Box Chain for gold necklaces

The traditional four-sided construction of this type of chain increases its durability and look. This chain features round wires which are rolled flat and folded into small square links. This type of necklace is usually gold and it can accommodate a beautiful gold pendant.

Byzantine Chain

This necklace is a closely linked sequential chain that has a rope-like texture and an interesting textural design. The Byzantine chain is soft, flexible, and its maze-like intricacy will make it very eye-catching.

Cable Chain

This chain is strong, durable and very attractive. The cable chain has links and inside of each link, there is a crossbar. Each section of the necklace is identical, making the cable chain just perfect for a simple and classic look.

C-link Chain

Each link is has a “C” shape and can fit into one-another forming a repeating pattern. The design of the C-link chain makes it very flexible and allows it to lay flat.

Closed Link Chain

This type of chain features a solder which ensures the link will not open so easily. The closed link necklace usually contains precious metals, such as gold, rose gold, white gold, and platinum.

Curb Chain

The circular rings with small indentation design allow the chain to stay flat for a comfortable and sleek fit. In some cases, the links are twisted and feature the famous diamond cut which will enhance the overall style and shimmer. These necklaces are usually gold.

Espiga Chain

With an intricate design and small links that closely resemble wheat or corn ears, this chain looks very fashionable. People usually call this type of gold necklaces wheat chains and they are very strong and durable. The white gold Espiga necklace is suitable for pendants.

Fancy Chain

Jewelers call fancy chains the chains that have a different variation than a standard chain, like a special finish or dangles. For example, the rose gold heart-shaped necklace is a fancy chain.

Figaro Chain

This is a version of the curb chain in which the flat twisted links vary in sizes. This solid gold necklace is crafted with durability and strength and will never run out of fashion. This chain comes from Italy.

Fugarucci Chain

This is a variation of the marine or anchor chain with long links.

Foxtail Chain

This type of chain is thicker than regular gold necklaces and has V-shaped links, making it more sturdy and perfect to support heavier pendants.

Herringbone Chain

This chain also has V-shaped links that lie completely flat creating a herringbone pattern.

Link Chain

This is the most common type of chain, where the oval/ round links interlock uniformly at 90 degrees to the next link. The link chain is very popular due to its simplicity and classic look.

Mariner Chain

Known as the strongest type of jewelry chain, the mariner chain has same-size oval links. It is also known as the Anchor chain. This chain necklace can be made out of solid gold or it can be gold plated.

Omega Chain

This chain is popular for its shine and strength. The omega chain is crafted out of individual metal plates that are lined up side by side and compressed to a mesh base. You can find both round and flat versions of this chain necklace

Railroad Chain

Due to its design, this chain seems to feature two continuous lines which resemble the railroad tracks.

Rolo Chain

The links of this chain necklace are usually thicker and smaller than those of the cable chain’s. The links of the Rolo chain are flat on the inside and will alternate the direction they face. This type of design is frequently seen in charm bracelets

Rope Chain

The gold rope necklaces crate the appearance of a 2-strand rope. This necklace can be either gold plated or solid gold.

Singapore Chain

The flat diamond cut links form a diamond shape.

Snake Chain

This chain has a curve at the middle point of each link creating a continuous flexible tube which resembles the snakeskin. This type of necklace looks very well if made out of white gold or rose gold.

The Wheat Chain

This chain is also known as the Spiga or Espiga chain and symbolizes faith and wealth.

All these necklaces can be crafted out of precious metals such as gold, titanium, platinum or silver, but you can also find them in copper or steel. At Ana Luisa you can find many delicate necklaces to choose from. Click here to view our limited-edition collections and discover your next favorite jewelry piece.

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