The birthstone necklace is our newest obsession and it’s about to become yours too. Each month of the year has its own birthstone and all of them are fabulous. And, if you need a reason to wear a birthstone necklace, read on to discover five of them. In this article, you will find out more about buying fashion necklaces that feature your birthstone and why such a necklace should not miss from your jewelry collection.

  1. A birthstone necklace is as personal as it gets

What can be more personal in terms of jewelry than wearing pieces that feature your birthstone? It’s a rhetorical question, of course. We believe that it doesn’t get more personal than a birthstone necklace. Such a necklace is even more personal than those jewelry pieces that you can engrave with your name or something that has a special meaning to you.

birthstone necklace april

Any woman has a jewelry piece that has become her second skin. Whether it’s the tiny gold drop earrings, the chain bracelet or a simple ring, these are essential pieces that we almost never take off. It’s time to take your jewelry game to the next level and make the birthstone necklace your second skin. This way, you can always remind yourself that, as the time you were born, there was an unrepeatable mix of circumstances: the month, the day, the exact minute, the position of the stars in relation to the place you were born. Kinda puts uniqueness into perspective, doesn’t it?

birthstone necklace august

  1. Sleek & mesmerizing with any outfit

Do you know the birthstones of each month? If not, let’s make a quick recap. In January, we have the crimson garnet that is also one of the oldest gemstones known to mankind. February boasts with the amethyst that was once the favorite of kings and queens. In March, you have the everlasting aquamarine with its delicate sky blue color. The birthstone of April is the fascinating & fiery diamond, while, for May, we have the lush green emerald. Those born in June should wear the romantic moonstone that has always fascinated people with its mysterious inner glow.

birthstone necklace december

The birthstone necklace to wear if you are born in July is one that features the deep-red ruby gemstone. For those of you born in August, peridot is the gemstone you should wear. September is the month of elegant sapphires, while October stands for the delicate opals. The birthstone of November is the sleek citrine, while that of December is tanzanite.

birthstone necklace february

As you can see, all the birthstones either have vibrant colors or a mesmerizing glow. They are all fascinating, which is why a birthstone necklace is always sleek & stunning.

birthstone necklace january

  1. A birthstone necklace is a statement

A necklace doesn’t have to be chunky or feature tens of gems to become a statement. It can easily be a simple necklace that features your birthstone. We believe that a birthstone necklace is a statement in itself because it shows that, to you, jewelry is more than fashion. It is about who you are.

birthstone necklace july

And what is great about a birthstone necklace is also the fact that you get to wear it with big statement earrings. Any other statement necklace doesn’t work with chunky earrings. However, you can easily style your birthstone necklace with oversized hoops or extra-long dangle earrings and look fabulous.

birthstone necklace june

  1. It brings good luck to wear a birthstone necklace

Some people believe that gemstones, especially birthstones, have protective & healing powers. Others believe that they bring good luck to the wearer. We believe you make your own luck, but wearing fabulous jewelry helps.

birthstone necklace march

You may not win the lottery when wearing a birthstone necklace, but you will definitely feel good about yourself and get empowered about achieving your goals.  After all, this is what style is all about. Finding the way to express yourself so that you get the confidence you need to tackle any challenge that comes your way.

birthstone necklace may

  1. It is easy to blend with your style

Going to the office in your smart-casual outfit? Then put your birthstone necklace on and style it with simple stud earrings. In a hurry to get to the party? Your LBD will look fantastic with your necklace and a pair of oversized hoops. Even when going to a formal event, your birthstone necklace will look fantastic with a silk gown and long dangle earrings.

birthstone necklace november

The point is that such a necklace is very easy to blend with your style. It adapts to you and you can accessorize it with any other jewelry piece.

birthstone necklace october

We could, probably, think of another fifteen reasons to wear your birthstone, but we believe you got the point. And we have a surprise for you. Ana Luisa has just released a fantastic collection of birthstone necklaces that you should definitely check out. So go ahead and visit our online jewelry shop to find unique birthstone jewelry that you will fall in love with.

birthstone necklace september

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