If you love pearls, you’re in for a treat. The black pearl necklace (or Tahitian pearl) is truly mysterious and exotic. Tahiti is the main island hub of French Polynesia, but contrary to popular belief, the island of Tahiti does not actually produce pearls. French Polynesia, with its wondrous lagoons and exquisite bungalow hotels, has more than 100 islands! However, the Tuamotu Archipelago and Gambier Islands take credit for producing these eye-catching pearls.

Take a step into paradise and see why our Ana Luisa stylists love the black pearl so much.

Endless Colors: Black Pearl Necklace

Even if you can’t be living it up on a French Polynesian island, you can feel like you are with a wonderous black pearl necklace. Don’t be fooled, not all black pearls are a true color black. Although they usually have an overall dark look, they come in various hues. The various colors and textures are what make the pearl so unique and fun to wear.  Silver, green, blue, and purple are just some colors that are seen with the black pearl- there are even multi-colored strands which add a playful feel. Each color is truly special, but if you’re looking for a valuable black pearl necklace, keep an eye out for darker undertones and overtones. These are extremely rare, so if you just so happen to find one, you better hold onto it tight!

Tempting Texture   

If you stumble across a black pearl necklace, you will no doubt admire its lustrous texture. A genuine black pearl will have surface marks – this adds to the character and natural beauty of the pearl.  It will also help you identify if it is real or not. Black pearls also come in a wide range of shapes. These include: pear-shaped, tear-drop shaped, round, baroque, circle, and more! Usually, pearl farmers will insert a round shell bead inside the oyster so that it will produce a round shape. This is because round pearls are difficult for the oyster to make, therefore making them more rare and expensive.

Sizes Galore

The wide-range of colors and textures make the black pearl necklace a remarkable piece. Add the diverse sizes to the mix, and you can only imagine the impeccable variations of the black pearl. Because the Black Lipped Oyster is one of the largest in the world, this means the pearl can reach large dimensions. Pear-shaped and baroque pearls are usually used in pendant designs, making it a perfect choker necklace or a long, layered one. Most black pearl necklaces are graduated, meaning the pearls range from small to large. The smaller pearls lie on the back near the clasp while the larger ones will be in front and center.  Sizes of the pearl range from 9.0mm to 15.0mm and larger – can you believe that?

Style Away

Stunningly Sexy. Styling pearl necklaces is always fun, but the black pearl necklace steps up the game. Black pearls are one of the most valuable gems on the planet and represent wealth and wisdom. A black pearl necklace will enhance your overall look with a luxurious feel. The metallic luster of a black pearl necklace would look ever-so-charming as a chunky statement set. Pair this for a night out with a strapless dress and let the natural beauty radiate!

Professional + Cool. You can even style a black pearl necklace at work – it’s easy! You will look professional and edgy with a large pearl pendant adorning your neck. The simplicity yet toughness of this look will be sure to catch loads of attention. Allow the dark pearl to be the focal point of your outfit by matching it with light, soft colors. Wear a long pastel pink dress and grey blazer to top off the feminine yet tough look.

Keep it Casual. Having a casual night with your friends? The black pearl necklace will give you just enough sexy appeal without being too over the top. Whether you are running errands, meeting friends, or grabbing a drink after work, you can count on a layered black pearl necklace to get the job done. Pair with high waisted jeans, a tank, and cardigan – you will look laid back with a touch of mystery.

Now that you know what a black pearl is, get out there and find one that suits you! There are endless styling possibilities when it comes to this appealing pearl. Tell us your favorite part of wearing it and share it with us! Make sure to check out our other blog posts and keep an eye out for new products released every Monday 🙂 Or check now our other fashion necklaces collections.

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