For those of you that are superstitious, the evil eye could be anywhere. Whether you choose to wear it as a fashion statement or to ward off evil looks, the evil eye necklace has a distinct appearance that will surely never go unnoticed. It has gained popularity recently and once you wear one, you will likely never want to take it off!

Whether you have given a dirty look or have been on the receiving end of a dirty look, you probably didn’t think about it too much (depending if you deserved it or not). However, the idea of the evil eye is taken very seriously in many cultures. This enticing trend is without borders. Many people across the globe know the underlying meaning of the evil eye necklace as it is seen as a widespread symbol. Traditionally, the evil eye has been adopted by many cultures and continues to be a form of protection against harm. Essentially, the charm deflects bad feelings, envy, and evil away. Send this gift to a special someone or use it as a friendship charm with your closest friend. Our stylists at Ana Luisa have curated 3 styles for you to wear and pull off the evil-eye look!

Matching Evil Eye Necklace

If you want to give a gift with meaning, the evil eye necklace is the perfect surprise. Also, who doesn’t love a matching charm set? Show some love to your best friend and surprise them with a matching evil eye necklace. Not only does it have a deep meaning; you will also feel a closer connection with the wearer! No evil spirits will be getting in your way anytime soon 😉. Try a long evil eye necklace that will give a boho-vibe to your overall look. Add evil eye bracelets if you need that extra bit of protection. You will have a double effect of reflecting the power of any evil looks.


What better way to ward off evil looks than with an added fashion statement? The choker trend has us constantly falling in love and we cannot get enough! Switch up the game by wearing a subtle yet elegant evil eye necklace. Let the charm rest effortlessly on your collarbone with its hypnotizing blue pop of color. The delicate and spiritual good luck charm will get rid of all the negative vibes and keep in the good ones. The trendy look pays tribute to the ancient symbol while being stylish and trendy for an everyday look. You can easily layer an evil eye choker for a bolder look! It will become your go-to accessory in no time no matter if you are going out to dinner or hanging out throughout the day.

Hamsa Evil Eye Necklace

Double the symbolism, double the fun (and protection). The hamsa evil eye necklace brings in two meaningful spiritual symbols. The hamsa is an ancient Middle East amulet that represents the Hand of God. Like the evil eye necklace, it is a protective sign. The hamsa delivers whoever wears it happiness, luck, and good fortune and is also widely known as a symbol of peace and hope. The forces of these two amulets together create a truly remarkable jewelry look. Don’t be afraid to try a bedazzled look or choosing amulets that have a pop of color using various gemstones.

The evil eye necklace brings a touch of luck and protection to your everyday ensemble. You will add some serious style to your jewelry box with this magnificent look. Try it out and feel the power if gives you either spiritually, or as a fashionable statement. Share with your friends and let them know how much you love your evil eye necklace! Don’t forget to stay updated with our fine jewelry collections; new releases arrive every Monday!

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