Why are lotus necklaces such a craze? For starters, they are effortlessly stunning and versatile. Aside from its eloquent look, the lotus holds enormous symbolic meaning.  Ancient texts have regarded the lotus as a symbol of spiritual enlightenment and rebirth. Perception is everything when it comes to figuring out the meaning of a lotus. Buddhists and Hindus believe that the flower has a clean and pure appearance while ancient Egyptians noticed the lotus closes its petals and sinks into the water at nighttime; thereby associating it with rebirth and the Sun. No matter what ancient meaning you agree with, one thing is for sure; lotus necklaces are perfect for summer and we have given into the craze! Our top stylists at Ana Luisa have picked 3 lotus necklace styles for you to try and play around with.

1.Choker Lotus Necklace

Combine edginess with elegance in your choker lotus necklace! You will get a hint of that ancient spiritual feel mixed with the chic modern style of a choker. Feel free to pair your lotus choker with other choker necklaces for a stylish layered look. For those of you with cool skin undertones, a silver or white lotus would look absolutely stunning. If you have warm skin undertones, you will be sure to rock a gold or rose gold lotus necklace. Pair with a light-weight off the shoulder top and shorts for a breezy summer look.

lotus necklace

 2. Long Lotus Pendant

A long lotus pendant will be sure to give you that vintage appeal. Adding a long necklace will give your outfit more dimension as well as make it look more interesting. A long necklace gives a distinctive look to your overall ensemble that you can pair for any setting! For a laid-back look, pair a long lotus necklace with an oversized t-shirt or sweater with a lace bralette underneath. For work or school, you can pair a long lotus pendant with a button-up shirt or tank and black jeans. There are tons of combinations when it comes to pairing long necklaces.

Lotus necklace

3. Statement Lotus Piece

Are you one to stand out? Try a bold look with a lotus statement necklace. We get it, simplicity isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, which is why we chose to share an eccentric and stand-out piece for you go-getters. You can try a large lotus statement necklace to pair with a low-cut top or a lotus necklace punctuated with charms. The variations of statement necklaces are endless! Pair a statement lotus necklace with a silk slip dress or a bright blouse and a denim skirt.

Lotus necklace


Charismatic, elegant, and serene, your lotus necklace should be worn as a reminder to stay loving and peaceful this summer. Let that radiate wherever you go. Show us how you wear your lotus necklace and share with your friends! Make sure to check out our other blog posts for more outfit inspiration and jewelry guides while you’re at it 🙂

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