Trendy jewelry is a great way of maintaining a contemporary style. And while many jewelry pieces are timeless, it’s important to keep an eye out for fashion trends and discover the hottest pieces that you need to have. To offer you inspiration, our fashion editors have analysed the jewelry trends and have selected 7 trendy jewelry pieces which you will fall in love with.  So, without further ado, we present to you the hottest trends in jewelry world right now.

  1. Statement hoops

We may as well call 2017 “the year of gold hoops”. When nobody expected them to, gold hoops made a comeback that shook the fashion world and remembered us what we loved about those beautiful, large or medium-sized 90s hoops. And while the love is still there, it has become more diversified in 2018. Statement hoops in bold colors and inventive materials (such a resin) have become the trend of 2018. Ideal for the summer, statement hoops are a great way to accessorize any outfit and transform it into a fashion look.

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  1. Layered necklaces

That’s right, there is there a party happening around your neck and all your necklaces are invited. Ok, maybe not all of them but you can combine two or three different necklaces to get a fashionable, spectacular look. Beads with metal, chokers with lariats, anything goes. For layered necklaces inspiration, visit our dedicated article here.

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  1. Pinky rings

While the time of pinky promises may be far away, this year your small finger is getting all the attention. Gold plated rings, sterling silver and brass are the hottest metals to wear on your pinky right now. Accessorize your rings with a thin chain bracelet or a golden bangle and you are set to go. Where, you may ask? To that cool fashion party where you will receive all the compliments for your trendy jewelry.

  1. Flower earrings

Owning a pair of flower-inspired earrings this year is the equivalent of having a little black dress. Flower earrings are feminine, classy and can be worn both to special and everyday occasions. In the world of trendy jewelry, sculptural flower earrings in vibrant nuances have a special place only for them. If you don’t have a pair of flower earrings, then it’s time to go shopping. And while you’re at it, treat yourself to a delicate pair of stud earrings which you can use to mismatch your jewelry.

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  1. Mismatched jewelry

And since we’re talking about mismatched earrings, you should know that this trend has grown a lot in popularity over the past few months. There are some rules to mismatching your jewelry, but we got you. Just check out this article for fashion inspiration and to learn how to wear your earrings like a true fashion icon. Also, when it comes to asymmetry you can apply it to your other jewelry as well. Necklaces slightly askew are a big hit right now.

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  1. The mix between vintage and contemporary

Wearing retro jewelry paired with asymmetrical metal pieces has never been so hot. Think vintage brooches mixed with mismatched earrings, pearls with layered necklaces, etc. The world is your oyster as they say and now you can mix your different jewelry to create unique combinations that enhance your style.

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  1. Travel-inspired jewelry

The theme of the moment is traveling and while not everybody can spend their lives exploring the world, your jewelry can. Inspiration is all around us and civilizations we don’t know have much to offer. As a result, voyage jewelry is a big trend at the moment. Embrace the multiculturalism and get yourself trendy jewelry that will make you dream of faraway lands. And while you’re at it, check out our brand new voyage rings collection inspired by a mysterious cruise on the Nile and Egyptian goddesses. We are sure that you will find a ring to fall in love with.

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Trendy jewelry advice

It’s a good idea to have in your jewelry collection a couple of timeless pieces which you can always wear. It’s also a good idea to keep an eye out for fashion trends and see what’s happening in the fashion world. But as you know, choosing a piece of jewelry and wearing it are two very different things. You don’t have to wear pieces which you don’t like just because they are fashionable at the moment. If you do that, it shows and you will end up not feeling good about your outfit. The best idea is to adopt the trends you love and stay away from those you don’t. This way you will always have a contemporary style while feeling great about yourself.

Check out our other articles for more fashion advice and make sure to share our blog with your friends. Stay trendy and stylish.

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