Delicate, dainty and understated, minimalist jewelry is entering everyone’s jewelry box today – and we know why. If you have already fallen in love with this subtle trend or if you have yet to test the waters, you can never go wrong with this look! It can be extremely hard to keep up with trends sometimes. Who wants to spend hundreds of dollars on a style for it to just fade into the darkness within the next few weeks? One thing is for sure, you will never feel this way when it comes to styling your minimalist jewelry. Why, you ask? Because no matter what you wear or where you go, a classic look never goes out of style. Therefore, you should invest in some fine minimal pieces for your everyday look.

This minimalist trend is here to stay and should never be missed from your jewelry box! Clean lines, delicate gems, and simple shiny metals are the way to go. We know you want to keep reading to find out how you can wear your minimalist jewelry 😉

Minimalist Jewelry: Ring Stacking

The best way to pair your minimalist jewelry is by stacking it! If you want to kick it up just a notch, the stacked look can give you that classic look you ever-so desire. Go for a simple gold band and stack with twisted bands or chain-like bands. Mixing it up with various delicate styles will spice up your overall look and add a sophisticated appearance. You will look and feel untouchable with your gold stacked rings! Whether you’re a stacking beginner or a complete stack pro, Ana Luisa has various intricate styles for you to pair!

minimalist jewelry minimalist jewelry

Pair our Jodie textured ring (left) with our Joan textured ring (right) for a golden summer stacking look! You can also try pieces from our delicate collection for a chic look.

minimalist jewelry minimalist jewelry

Grab our Penelope stacking ring (left) and match it up with the Ana Gold stacking ring (right) and you will love the outcome!

minimalist jewelry minimalist jewelry

For a more unique, twisted design to your fingers, you must try our Ana Silver ring (left) matched with our Bianca Cocktail ring (right) for a cool, fashionable look.

Parisian Chic

One of our favorite ways to work the minimalist jewelry style is with a Parisian twist. Parisian style really boils down to how you carry yourself in a put-together, elegant way – and minimalist jewelry can totally help you out with that. This style is all about wearing less and being discrete when it comes to wearing big labels. It’s all about being tasteful in what you wear and sticking to only 3 delicate pieces per outfit. Add the perfect French touch with dainty layered necklaces. The perfect necklace will add just the right element of surprise to your minimal outfit.

minimalist jewelry

Pair an Ana Luisa layered necklace with jeans, gem encrusted sandals a plain white tee and a straw bag. We recommend our Mia necklace when adding that Parisian feel to your ensemble. It is has 14K gold beads encircling it with an added layered chain. How flawless are these layers?

The laid-back Parisian look will give you a mix of sophistication and comfort. If you want to make a statement in your outfit, pick one thing that really stands out. For example, choose a colorful scarf, OR hat, OR a big bag. The key is to not over-do it!

Indie Bracelets

Keep it simple with some fine Indie wrist bling. Whether they are bangles or cuffs, or any other bracelet under the sun, you can always find a minimal style to complement your overall look. The combination of matching stacked bracelets will appear neat and fresh.

minimalist jewelry minimalist jewelry

Try pairing our Elina stacking bracelet (first) with the Andia cuff bracelet (second) for your go-to everyday look. Pair your minimalist bracelet with your favorite watch and you will instantly look elegant and chic with an Indie vibe.

Minimalist Earrings

Minimalist jewelry is for everyone – especially when it comes to earrings. If you are not about the big and colorful statement pieces and prefer a look that is more controlled and gentle, this jewelry style is so for you. You don’t have to wear large jewelry to grab attention! Let your elegance shine in a pair of pearl earrings or silver studs. Ana Luisa has several pearl earrings to choose from in various sizes. Just like a little black dress is a staple in pretty much every woman’s closet, a pearl should be a staple in your jewelry box. They can even be considered essential by Ana Luisa stylists! This is because pearl earrings are effortlessly stunning and give you an elegant finish. They can be worn in any setting and can be dressed up or dressed down.

Our Timeless Sterling Silver collection has all the delicate necessities to suit your unique style. You won’t regret putting them on – but beware, you will never want to take them off! Jewelry will never feel the same once you try an exclusive Ana Luisa piece.

minimalist jewelryminimalist jewelry

The stunning Preo Stud earrings (first) will allow you to shine like the superstar you are. These are the perfect minimal touch and its mesmerizing glistening effect will leave you speechless! The pearl you NEED: The Diana earrings (second) are simply fantastic. Just look at them! The appeal of a pearl will never fade away. These pearl earrings boast a spectacular crystal encrusted cascade, adding that extra wow-factor. Try it and see the wonders it will do for you!

We Love Minimalism!

If you couldn’t already tell, minimalist jewelry is extremely versatile! At Ana Luisa, we value the pure and charming look of minimal pieces. But don’t get us wrong, we appreciate our statement pieces too! Check out our minimalist jewelry on our website with new releases every Monday. If minimal is not you, we’ve got some colors, textures, and shapes for you too! What will you find?

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