There is no denying that the bar necklace has become the new classic staple in almost every woman’s jewelry collection. There is just something about its elegant and simple look that is so chic and fresh. An Ana Luisa favorite, the bar necklace never fails to add a delicate touch to any outfit in any setting.

Kim Kardashian, Emma Watson, Blake Lively, and Jessica Alba are just a few celebrities who have been seen totally killing this trendy look. There are constantly crazy trends that come and go, but the dainty look of a bar necklace is one that is wearable and timeless. Whether you are on the red carpet or running some errands, this necklace will give you an effortlessly cool look. The bar necklace can be kept sophisticated and plain, engraved, bejeweled, or with a pop of color. Its versatility and modern style make it a desirable piece for many women. Find out more styles below and how you can pair your own bar necklace!

Classic Bar Necklace

Let’s start with the basics. The simple look of a gold or silver bar necklace can always be a go-to piece. You can always count on this piece for a date, going out with friends, going grocery shopping – whatever it may be. If you’re stuck on what jewelry to wear, this is the piece you can reach for any time and always pull it off! Wear a classic gold or silver bar necklace with a flowy white t-shirt, joggers, and sneakers for a chill, on-the-go look. If you want to dress it up, wear a ruffle neutral color dress and a bright color oversized blazer for a pop of color!

Engraved Bar Necklace

Elevate the trendy necklace with a little sentimental touch. Engravings can be personal and intimate, or they can be playful and fun. The flat, horizontal bar makes room for many possibilities when it comes to choosing an engraving. If you have an anniversary or a friend’s birthday coming up and are clueless on what to get, the engraved bar necklace is always a perfect choice because of the meaning you can put into it! Engrave a bar necklace with a special date, coordinates of a special place, or a name for a gift that will make the person receiving it feel absolutely adored. This necklace isn’t just restricted to gift-giving, so go ahead and spoil yourself too! In addition to the engravings previously mentioned, you can add a meaningful symbol such as a lotus or star for a dreamy effect.

Color Bar Necklace

For those that enjoy added color and texture, a color bar necklace will do the trick. Allow your color bar to be the centerpiece of your outfit! Pair it with neutral colors such as beige, taupe, white or gray to allow your necklace to truly stand out. Match a pair of beige high-waisted bowtie cropped pants with a tucked in flowy white tank and a color pair necklace for the ultimate classic-cool chic look! A bar in bold colors such as royal blue, red, and yellow will really make your overall look standout without it being too overwhelming. Summertime is perfect for playing around with the various colors the necklace has to offer while mix and matching.

Bejeweled + Boujee

Who isn’t a little boujee sometimes? Spice up your style with a bar necklace covered in crystals or jewels. If you’re craving a little extra something for your look, don’t be afraid to grab a glitzy piece. A bar necklace with crystals will add a fabulous sparkle to your ensemble. Dress it up with a bodycon dress for a night out, or dress it down. For an overall laid back look, pair this necklace with boyfriend jeans, a tube top and cardigan. You will definitely be raising the bar (yes, this pun was intentional) with a delicate jeweled piece. Wear the piece on its own or layer it with multiple long crystal necklaces for a sexy appeal.

There is not one “right” way to wear a bar necklace. Switch it up and try different styles and you will no doubt have fun with this trend. With its many sizes, colors, and shapes, it is clear that this necklace is here to stay for some time! Complementing any ensemble or mood, the bar necklace is sure to become your next most valued piece. Check out our other articles for more trends and styling tips and go to our Ana Luisa online jewelry shop to find great pieces that suits your personality.

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