Fashion jewelry is art – art which you put on your body to express yourself and your style. But sometimes it can happen to wear a beautiful elegant jewelry piece the wrong way. At this moment all its effect is ruined and instead of enhancing your style it can destroy your outfit. To better understand this, think about da Vinci’s Monalisa. In the Louvre it shines among other paintings attracting tens of thousands of tourists every day. What would happen if you were to see Monalisa hanging in a supermarket adorned with tinsel and mistletoe?

Because this is exactly what happens when you wear or combine jewelry the wrong way. To help you always be classy and stylish, Ana Luisa’s jewelry stylists have put together a list of 10 most common mistakes when it comes to wearing jewelry.

No. 1 – Fashion jewelry that doesn’t match the occasion

That lavish pearl necklace and those beautiful diamond studs look great for a formal gala. However, wearing them on a Sunday brunch with the girls would be a mistake. The same goes for your cool chunky wooden necklace. It may look great at a pool party, but not so great in a ballroom. Try to keep your statement jewelry and elegant pieces for special occasions.

No. 2 – Wearing too much jewelry

It’s a great idea to stack your rings or wear layered necklaces. It’s not such a great idea when you wear them at the same time, along with a pair of statement dangle earrings. The idea of a neck, finger, ear or hand party is to emphasize the pieces you are wearing. But when you combine all of them, they cancel each other out and you start to look less like a stylish woman and more like a Christmas tree.

No. 3 – Fashion jewelry that doesn’t match the fabric

As you well know, each fabric has its particularities. You cannot make a formal dress using jeans fabric and you cannot have a silk swimsuit. The same goes for your jewelry. Wearing wooden beads with a fine silk blouse is not a great idea and neither is combining a denim shirt with a diamond choker. Pay attention to the fabrics and match your fashion jewelry accordingly.

No. 4 – Too many statements

During a theatre play, there may be moments when an actor displays a powerful emotion. He or she may scream, cry or laugh hysterically. Those moments are usually preceded and followed by silence or neutral tones. This is part of the reason why they are so powerful when they happen. If the actors were to scream and cry during the whole play, that would be a shouting contest and the play would be ruined. It’s the same with your jewelry. A statement piece needs to be accompanied by fine and delicate jewelry pieces. Wearing a cocktail ring with a pair of big statement hoops and a statement necklace will result in a shouting match.

No. 5 – Materials that don’t match

This isn’t to say that you should wear fashion jewelry from the same material. You can even combine gold with silver according to a recent trend. But not all materials go well together. A pair of diamond studs doesn’t look good with a resin charm necklace, for example. Pay attention and try to combine jewelry made of materials that go great together.

No. 6 – Everything matches

Until now we talked about fashion jewelry pieces that don’t match. You should know that it’s also a mistake to wear only jewelry pieces from the same set. If you have a pair of earrings that match the pendant of the necklace, it looks good. If you add a matching bracelet and ring, that’s just lack of imagination and it ruins the effect.

No. 7 – The wrong hairdo

If you want your drop earrings to shine and attract attention, then you cannot wear them with a voluminous hairstyle. The basic rule is that you have to choose. An elaborate and big hairdo goes with delicate earrings, while a sleek and minimalist coiffure always looks good with statement earrings (according to the occasion, of course).

No. 8 – Jewelry that doesn’t match your body type

Just like lavish curtains look best on high windows, jewelry needs to match your body type. If you are petite and wear a lot of chunky jewelry it could look weird, as if you were playing a dress up game. On the other hand, tiny jewelry on a large sized person can also destroy the proportions. Try to wear jewelry that matches your body type and your style will be awesome.

No. 9 – Jewelry that doesn’t match your personality

We can already see you frowning on this one. How can jewelry match the personality? The short answer is that it can because your style is part of your personality. The longer explanation is that each of us have certain traits that define our choices. If you are the active sporty type wearing a pair of big flower earrings just because they are fashionable could make you feel awkward. If you always wear elegant and feminine clothes, a studded leather choker could make you feel uncomfortable. This discomfort shows and, even though you may be dressed correctly, it can ruin your style. You should always try something new, but also pay attention to what you are feeling. Feeling good about yourself is as important as being stylish and fashionable.

No. 10 – Not cleaning your jewelry

Just as you wouldn’t wear a stained T-shirt on a first date, you shouldn’t wear jewelry that is not properly cleaned. Besides the fact that it can get tarnished if you don’t clean it regularly, dirty jewelry doesn’t look nice. Various cosmetic products, dust, and perspiration can affect your jewelry and make it lose its beautiful shine. This is why, before putting on a piece of jewelry, you should always make sure it’s clean.

It may seem that there are a lot of rules, but, if you start following them, you will internalize them. Just as you get used to brushing your teeth every night, or putting on sunscreen during summer, you will get used to styling your jewelry perfectly. And we are here to help you with that. For more fashion jewelry advice read our other articles as well. Don’t forget to check out our online shop regularly to be the first to try our limited edition collections.

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