Mismatched earrings are a great way to offer your outfit a note of elegance and rebellion at the same time. In the past year, this trend has grown a lot in popularity with famous stars wearing mismatched earrings on the red carpet. If you want to spruce up your wardrobe and give your style a mischievous twist, then it’s time to learn how to wear them.

As you can imagine, not all combinations are fashionable. Even with different earrings, there are still a couple of rules to follow. Whether we are talking about tiny stud earrings or fashion earrings, you need to pay attention to how you combine them. Luckily for you, that’s why we are here. Keep reading to find out the 3 most important rules when wearing mismatched earrings and upgrade your style.

  1. A common element

You can’t possibly combine a tiny silver earring with a hoop made of leather and feathers. The trick is to have a common element between your mismatched earrings. Here are a couple of suggestions for you:

  • Same color and material. You can successfully combine a silver stud earring with a silver hoop, for example.
  • Same theme or shape. If you like themed earrings, you can combine an earring shaped like a lipstick with one shaped like a brush.
  • Similar material. It doesn’t have to be the same material, but you can combine two materials that coordinate well with each other.
  • Opposite fashion effects. A big statement earring will always look nice with a tiny stud. On the other hand, a large hoop is a big no-no when combined with a big chandelier earring.
  1. Consider your outfit

Mismatched earrings work great with a simple outfit. The same way you do with statement jewelry when you pair it with a mono or bi-colored outfit you have to do with mismatched earrings. After all, wearing different earrings is a statement in itself. The best way to make sure your earrings stand out is to wear them with a nice, simple, and elegant outfit.

  1. Your hairstyle has to match your earrings

And by that, we don’t mean that you must have one half straight hair and the other wavy beach hair. But you are going for an asymmetrical look, which means that a side-swept hairdo will look great with your earrings. Depending on what sort of look you want to achieve, you can wear the smaller earring on the side where it shows and let the other one peek through the hair. Of course, if you’d rather have a more daring look, you can do the opposite and feature the longer earring on the pulled-back side.

Bonus – Mismatched earrings ideas

If you want to rock your mismatched earrings look from the start, here are some fabulous ideas to try. We guarantee a dazzling look and lots of praises for your sense of fashion.

Geometry and lines is a never-ending love story. Play with different angles and choose your mismatched pair so that both of the earrings feature sharp angles or straight lines. They can have different sizes, of course. When going for this look, make sure the materials are the same, though.

A festival of colors on your ears. You can try having a single-color earring on one side and a multi-colored one on the other side.  The trick is that the multi-colored earring needs to also feature the color of the other one. When it comes to the color of your earrings you can play it many ways. You can also have both earrings from the same palette, but different colors. And if you are feeling daring, you can do a theme (warm colors vs. cold ones, dark vs. light, etc.). The options are infinite and we are sure you have the imagination to perfectly mismatch your earrings.

Hoops are fun. And they are even better to play with. For example, you can have one medium-sized simple hoop earring on one side, and a big, statement earring made of multiple hoops on the other. Hoop earrings are versatile and you can use them in many combinations involving mismatched earrings.

Sparkly all the way. If you are going for a playful and daring look, all you have to do is combine two themed sparkly earrings. For example, you can have a bling star earring on one side and a lightning strike on the other. You can also do this with fashion-themed earrings.

Drop it like it’s hot. Wear two different drop earrings for a dramatic and beautiful effect. You can go for a thread-like earring paired with an architectural drop earring.

Mismatched earrings are here to stay. If you haven’t tried this look yet, it’s time to do it. For more jewelry fashion advice read our fashion blog section and make sure to share it with your friends. May the power of style be with you.

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