Colored pearl drop earrings are the new must-have pieces this season. Yes, we are still sticking to pearls but, this season, they get a little bit of color. This doesn’t mean that you should put aside your chic white pearl jewelry, not at all. Colored pearl drop earrings work fabulously with white, gold and even black pearls. Don’t know which color to get? That’s ok, we have your back. Read further to discover which colored pearl drop earrings should be in your jewelry box and learn how to style different types of earrings.

3 reasons to own at least one pair of colored pearl drop earrings

Before we get started on the colors, let’s see why you should get a pair of colored pearl drop earrings.

  1. An unexpected twist

Colored pearl drop earrings are unexpected and charming. You still get to wear pearl jewelry, but you add a touch of color to it and the result is fabulous. Whenever you want to make an unforgettable first impression and dazzle everybody with your style, colored pearl drop is how you do it. Not to mention the fact that, depending on the color, you get to be creative with your outfit as well.

  1. More versatile than classic pearl drop earrings

Pearls can be pretty versatile, but you don’t get to wear them everywhere, do you? With colored pearl drop earrings, you don’t have to worry about that. Want to feel the glamour of pearls and still wear your favorite tee and sneakers? Do that with colored pearl drop earrings. Just pick an unexpected color like pink or sage, add on a friendship bracelet and you get to wear pearls with sneakers and still look fabulous.

  1. Monochrome doesn’t have to mean white anymore

Love the monochrome look but white is not your color? That’s okay because now you have colored pearl drop earrings. If you want to dress in tones of green and be in touch with nature, just put on a pair of sage pearl drops. Go with malachite for your ring or pendant necklace and choose a midi dress in a different shade of green. You’re welcome.

Which colored pearl drop earrings should you get?

Now that we’ve convinced you that you need a pair of colored pearl drop earrings, the only question remaining is which color to get. Of course, you can buy colored drops in any color, but we have selected our top three favorites. Read on to find out more and discover your ideal pair of colored pearl drop earrings.

Midnight blue colored pearl drop earrings

Elegant, mysterious and perfect for a statement look, midnight blue pearl drops are stunning. You can combine them with classic pearls, clear crystal gemstones and even other gemstones in different blue shades. Midnight blue pearl drops look especially beautiful set in yellow gold, so what are you waiting for?

summer jewelry

Make a party of blue gemstones and wear neutral clothes that act like a canvass. For example, a pair of blue colored pearl drop earrings will look fabulous with a lapis lazuli necklace and a sapphire ring. Wear an A-line dress in beige or cream and you have the recipe for a fantastic look. You can also accessorize your clutch with your jewelry and wear a metallic golden clutch that sparkles beautifully in the night.

Sage colored pearl drop earrings

We have to admit that we love green in every shade, but sage is our all-time favorite. There’s something very elegant and creative about this milky green color that reminds us of the freshness of spring. Deep green shades are also beautiful, but sage has its unique charm and sophistication. It also looks great with gold and even rose gold if you want to create a contrasting look.

So get your sage colored pearl drop earrings and accessorize them with a rose gold necklace. Tie up your look by wearing a yellow gold and a rose gold bangle and choose a white suit and pumps. Wear your hair in a neat bun for extra sleekness and you are ready to go out and conquer the world with your impeccable style.

Pink coral pearl drop earrings

We had midnight blue and sage so we bet you were wondering when the warm color was going to make an appearance. So here it is. A pair of pink coral pearl drop earrings is everything you need to complement your feminine style. As opposed to power pink that is too soft and coral or magenta that come as too powerful for pearls, coral pink is the ideal color when you want to wear a pair of colored pearl drop earrings in a warm tone.

pink gemstones

A flowery midi wrap dress, soft suede sandals, and a denim jacket will look fabulous with your colored pearl drop earrings. You can maintain the pink and put on a rose quartz ring or create a contrasting look by choosing a turquoise necklace. Play with colors and discover your best look with pink coral drop earrings.

If you enjoyed discovering our top three favorite pairs of colored pearl drop earrings, you should check out the rest of the articles on this blog and see more jewelry styling inspirational ideas. And because we know you have fallen in love with these chic earrings, we invite you to visit Ana Luisa online jewelry shop and check out our colored pearl earrings collection.

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