Chandelier earrings are great statement pieces. They also represent the perfect accessory for the woman who doesn’t like to fuss over her jewelry box in the morning. The right pair of bold earrings will complete an outfit without needing any additional jewelry. So, if styling different types of earrings gives you anxiety, you’ve come to the right place for advice. Read through our styling tips for this genius jewelry style. We can all use one less thing to worry about.

Finding the Right Shape

Before we get into specific design details and which clothes to style them with, let’s start with the ideal shape for your face.

Simply put, chandelier earrings should balance out your face shape. This means that if you have a square face shape then choose a rounder shape in a delicate design.

On the other hand, a round face looks great with longer dangling earrings to give your face more length.

Women with a more prominent forehead will look pretty with earrings that are fuller at the bottom and hang below the jawline.

The same goes for women with a sharp chin. Bottom heavy chandelier earrings will help to fill out your face.

The length of your hair should also correspond with the length of your earrings. A short bob or pixie cut looks best when the earrings end at the jawline. This prevents them from looking like they are weighing you down.

Longer hair allows for longer earrings. If you want your earrings to hang below your jawline, do so. Diva vibe guaranteed. As long as your earrings are not sliding beyond your shoulders, you’re good.

When to Wear (Colorful) Gemstones

Chandelier earrings are meant to be statement pieces so don’t shy away from color. And if colorful gemstones are not your thing then a clear stone will make you shine just as bright.

If your outfit does not have any popping colors then add the wow factor through your chandelier earrings. Multicolored earrings look fantastic with black pants and white shirt combo. For your casual distressed black jeans and white blouse, you can rock the larger pair of earrings. For more formal attires stick to a shorter narrower design with a maximum of 2 colors.

When you are wearing a white dress opt for statement pieces in a single color. Softer hues like aquamarine gemstones or a pastel pink will create a romantic look.

For any other solid color dress, tone it down with a clear stone. A little black dress with diamonds is a classic combination that will never go out of style. Your drop dead gorgeous red dress is extra sexy with clear stone chandelier earrings.

When to Wear Solid Gold Chandelier Earrings

Solid gold chandelier earrings are fierce. Almost Beyonce fierce. Unless Beyonce is the one wearing them, then they are beyond fierce. Channel your inner diva with a solid gold design.

We recommend you have two hues of gold in your arsenal of chandelier earrings. One in yellow gold and another in rose gold. The yellow gold is for outfits with patterns and bold colors. The softer more feminine rose gold is for outfits in black, white and other muted colors.

Try a solid gold to create a rocker vibe with black jeans, black crop top, and stylish boots. Or make your yellow gold pair look chic with the gray office dress that’s basically your power suit.

Rose gold chandelier earrings will bring out the gypsy in you with a long bohemian dress. This one of the few exceptions where we advise more jewelry. Combine the earrings with a set of rose gold bangles or stacking rose gold rings with gemstones.

What about silver and white gold, you say? Silver and white gold earrings read better in combination with a clear stone. Chandelier earrings are about drawing attention and the whiter metals are more eye-catching with more color.

When to Wear Different Materials

There are chandelier earrings with other materials like beads, feathers, wood or tassels. These styles are unique but are easily styled wrong. If you gravitate towards these materials then reserve them for your casual looks.

tassel earrings

Let’s try to be specific. The tassel earrings in a bright color should only be worn with a simple all black outfit. Beads only look good in a darker solid color and only as an accent in your jewelry pieces. The same applies to wood. Finally, feathers can easily become a fashion disaster if you don’t style them the right way. Either wear shorter feathers in a dark solid color or wear earrings that have feathers carved out of a metal instead.

It’s time to make your entrance with chandeliers earrings. Or, you can keep reading for more tips on earring styles to learn how to wear other types of earrings as well. To view Ana Luisa’s statement earrings collections, visit our online jewelry shop.



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