When we think about simple gold earrings, we don’t think about the same jewelry. It may sound specific, but the truth is that every woman loves simple gold earrings. Only that they love completely different designs. And because at Ana Lusia we encourage diversity and the power of choice, we have are going to help you decide which gold earrings are for you. Keep on reading to discover how to style different types of earrings and find out which are the perfect earrings for you.

Our promise when it comes to gold jewelry

Before embarking on this journey to discover different styles of gold earrings, let us tell you a bit about gold. You probably know this already, but the gold mining industry is very harmful. The way that people extract gold hurts our Planet. It scars the Earth and poisons the waters with cyanide. There’s been a lot of talk about that in the jewelry world. You see, many people feel that wearing gold jewelry is unethical because of how gold is mined. And we agree that we all need to make an effort and find sustainable solutions without having to give up gold entirely.

This is why, at Ana Luisa, all of our solid gold jewelry, including simple gold earrings, is made of 100% recycled gold. Our handcrafted pieces are ethical and sustainable because we want you to enjoy unique & gorgeous jewelry without feeling guilty about how gold is obtained. We simple breathe new life into old gold by recycling it and designing fabulous & contemporary jewelry. The same goes for silver but this article is about simple gold earrings.

Also, when it comes to gemstones, we only use lab-grown diamonds. This is how we manage to create amazing jewelry that comes with a fair price tag and, most importantly, doesn’t come at the expense of developing communities. You can safely wear Ana Luisa jewelry knowing that you are supporting a sustainable & ethical jewelry brand. And now let’s talk about simple gold earrings.

simple gold earrings

Simple gold earrings for sporty women

If you are always running from one place to another and have an (almost) limitless amount of energy, then we have the perfect pair of simple gold earrings for you. You need something that is about fashion and doesn’t prevent you from playing your favorite sports, hiking and running the marathon.

So go for Ana Luisa’s solid gold huggie hoops. Handcrafted in 14k recycled gold, these versatile hoops look amazing, are lightweight and comfortable and work with your basic tee. They also look great if you want to ditch your tee for a simple midi dress when you go out for drinks.

simple gold earrings

You can also check out these cute studs handcrafted in sterling silver and dipped in 18k gold. Hypoallergenic, lightweight and amazingly chic, these simple gold earrings will soon become your favorite essential jewelry pieces.

Gold vermeil

Simple gold earrings for timeless elegance

Speak frankly – do you or do you not have an entire vintage Vogue collection? If you love accessorizing your oversized sunglasses with a polka dots scarf and have a variety of little black dresses in your wardrobe, then you need a pair of classic and chic simple gold earrings. And, as usual, we have your back.

Ana Luisa’s Ella earrings featuring a natural freshwater pearl are not only gorgeous but very classy as well. They bring a je-ne-sais-quoi to your look and make you stand out with their subtle elegance. And yes, they will look amazing with precious fabrics like black satin, velvet, and silk.

simple gold earrings

If you are not looking for gemstones now, just simple gold earrings, then check out Ana Luisa’s Abby earrings. Inspired by the retro elegance, these earrings will look amazing with your chic updo and pearl strands. They are versatile enough to wear to work, but also elegant enough for a formal event. So go ahead and try them on. We promise you will never want to take them off.

Fabulous gold earrings for contemporary women

Love making a statement through your jewelry? Are you subscribed to every fashion magazine? We got you, sis. And, more importantly, we have the perfect pairs of simple gold earrings for you. Keep on reading to discover them.

Ok, we are cheating a bit cause our Nikki earrings are not exactly simple but they are fabulous. Designed by YouTube star Nikki Glamour, these oversized hoop earrings are everything you need to attract attention when you go out. They are fun, gorgeous and perfect to accessorize with your set of bangle bracelets or that stunning cocktail ring that you love so much.

simple gold earrings

If you are looking for a more versatile design, then check out our Scarab earrings. Inspired by the elegance of Ancient Egypt, these simple gold earrings feature medium-sized hoops with chic scarab charms. They are also handcrafted in recycled sterling silver and dipped in 14k gold for a fabulous touch. Pair them with a layered necklace and the effect is guaranteed.

If you enjoyed discovering our simple gold earrings are want to find out more about jewelry, feel free to use the search box on this blog. We cover all the jewelry topics and are here to help you become a jewelry expert. Find out more about buying jewelry, accessorizing it and taking care of your favorite pieces.

To see any of the designs featured in this article and discover more trending gold earrings, visit Ana Luisa online jewelry shop.

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