Natural pearl earrings are fabulous. Either perfectly round or with baroque pearls, milky white or with pink or gold undertones, natural pearl earrings are essential jewelry pieces. And as pearls continue to be a big trend this season, it’s time to reinvent the classic looks. How? Keep reading to find out how to style different types of earrings like a fashion pro. We have prepared an inspirational article where you will discover 3 new ideas to try when wearing your pearl earrings.

What Are Natural Pearl Earrings?

Pearls are organic gemstones that form inside the oysters. As you may know, there are 4 types of pearls, each with its own particularities.

Freshwater pearls are the only ones that come from mussels that live in freshwater. They are also the most versatile types of pearls with colors ranging from milky white to beige, rose and even blue. The other 4 types of pearls are all saltwater pearls and are named after the regions where they grow. Akoya pearls are usually round and small, but with high luster. Classic pearl strands usually feature Akoya pearls. Tahitian pearls are the dark ones, with grey, navy and even blackish undertones. South Sea pearls are the biggest pearls and they are usually white or with gold undertones. All these 4 types of pearls are natural, whether they are cultured or not.

Sometimes people refer to natural pearls as being wild pearls, but this is incorrect. Both wild and cultured pearls are natural. The only difference is that, in the first case, the pearl forms in an oyster that lives in the ocean, while in the second case the pearl takes form inside an oyster that lives in an oyster farm. When you are buying natural pearl earrings, you are actually buying earrings with cultured pearls. Wild pearls are only found by accident and, most of the time, they are not high-grade enough to create jewelry with them. However, when a high-grade wild pearl is found, that pearl is very expensive and usually becomes a collection item.

Now that you know more about natural pearl earrings, it’s time to get some inspiration about styling them. Keep on reading to discover our fabulous ideas.

Glam-chic with Natural Pearl Earrings

Try a glamorous look next time you go to a cocktail party with a pair of pearl drop earrings. Ana Luisa’s Hope earrings are perfect for this look. With lustrous baroque pearls, sleek texture, and a medium-sized design, these earrings are both elegant and versatile.

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Pull your hair back so that your earrings are visible. Accessorize your natural pearl earrings with a chic layered necklace that contains a pearl pendant. Instead of a pearl ring, wear a cocktail ring, though. Choose a chunky design without gemstones because you don’t want any other gem to distract from the beauty of your pearls. As you are wearing a layered necklace, pick a midi dress with a deep-V neckline. You can go with an electric blue dress or with a softer color option like beige, powder pink or pastel blue. Wear fishnet tights and lacquer stilettoes, the same color as your dress, to complete your look.

Rock On with Pearl Hoops

Whoever said natural pearl earrings are only for elegant or frilly looks, clearly didn’t know much about fashion. You can get a fab punk-rock look with pearl earrings. And the perfect earrings for this idea are Ana Luisa’s Alba pearl hoops. With high-grade freshwater pearls, sparkling cubic zirconia gems, and a fabulous chunky design, these earrings are both glam and edgy.

Wear your hair on one side or try a messy half-up, half-down style so that your earrings get the attention they deserve. Style them with a gold collar necklace with oversized links to continue with the theme. You can skip on the ring and bracelet, but do wear a gold anklet. Choose a pair of leather shorts and matte thighs. Don’t forget your studded leather jacket and a print crop top. As for shoes, you can wear chunky boots that will look amazing with the anklet. This is how you combine natural pearl earrings with a punk-rock style and achieve an amazing result.

Smart-business look with Pearl Statement Earrings

Statement earrings and business clothes go well together when we are talking about natural pearl earrings. Sure, a pair of chunky gold hoops may not be suited for a business meeting, but pearls change everything. And Ana Luisa’s Raphaelle pearl earrings will transform your look into a true fashion statement.

These antique-inspired natural pearl earrings feature freshwater pearls and fire agate gems. The combination of gems is beautiful and their design is elegant, feminine and gorgeous. So for the next idea, you need these stunning earrings in your jewelry collection.

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Wear your hair up in a sleek updo so that your natural pearl earrings are visible. For this look to work, you need everything else to be very simple. Don’t wear any other jewelry and go monochrome with your clothes. Choose a tailored off-white blazer, off-white pants and a simple top in the same color. Bring back the fiery red of the agate in your red stiletto shoes. Also, keep your make up simple, but do wear red lipstick to complete your look.

If you enjoyed discovering how to style natural pearl earrings, go ahead and read our other articles as well. We promise unique styling inspiration. To get any of the gorgeous creations featured in this article and see more elegant pearl jewelry, visit Ana Luisa online jewelry shop.

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