Can you wear the mismatched earrings trend with pearl earrings? At first, the polished look of pearls don’t seem a match for this jewelry trend. But, think about it. Is it really a bad idea?

We don’t think it is a bad idea. The mismatched earrings trend is all about unexpected pairings so why not a pearl earring pairing? Obviously, the next question is how to do it right. How do you wear a pearl earring while still following the mismatched earring trend? Read on for our earring pairing tips and discover how to style different types of earrings with pearls.

Style #1: Pearls, Pearls and More Pearls & the Mismatched Earrings Trend

Our first style tip for pearl earrings and the mismatched earrings trend is diving deep into pearls. Meaning, wearing only pearl earrings including the big statement piece earring.

cluster earrings

For the statement piece mismatched earring choose an earring with dangling strands of pearls. We mean extremely long. If it does not reach beyond your jaw bone then the pearl strands are not long enough. Balance this out with a shorter single strand of pearls on the other ear or a large pearl stud earring. If you have more piercings then complete the look with pearl studs in varying sizes.

If you love the mismatched earrings trend but have a more classic and polished look then this is the style for you. This look is a play on volume and length. So you still get the playful vibe of the mismatched earrings trend but in a more elevated manner.

Also, don’t feel like you can only wear white pearls for this look. Not at all. Mixing different pearl colors is a pro move. Go for it!

Style #2: Gold Picasso Shapes & Pearl Details in the Mismatched Earrings Trend

You see many abstract shapes in the mismatched earrings trend. Gold is the medium of choice for this style and we understand why. Wearing a large golden statement and a subtler gold companion piece feels like you are walking art.

Now, gold and pearls are close friends ever since humans began wearing pearls as jewelry. So, basically forever. We are not breaking up this friendship for the mismatched earrings trend.

For this style, wear two gold abstract shapes that look like a design of Picasso himself. Yes, wear them on both ears. The difference between the pieces is the size. Wear one OTT size earring and a regular size earring on the other ear. The shapes don’t have to be exactly the same but they should look similar.

trendy stud earrings

Where do the pearls come in? On the gold abstract shapes themselves. We are imagining the pearls as a design detail on these wonderfully wacky earrings. Now that is a really modern take on pearl earrings.

Style #3: Mismatched Earrings Trend for the Gemstone Lover

You know us by now. We always offer a styling tip with mixing gemstones. This post is no different. We know how you can slip this jewelry trend into the mismatched earrings trend.

Now, many style blogs advise against wearing different gemstones with the mismatched earrings trend but we think you can hack it. Instead of playing with color, play with textures. By this we mean pairing different gemstones of the same color.

For example, wear mismatched earrings with all white pearls and white gemstones like moonstone, white opal, white agate and white jade. Match gray pearls with black diamonds, gray labradorite and gray agate. Pink pearls look pretty with rose quartz, pink tourmaline and pink morganite. And so on and so forth.

Pearl hoop earrings

What about the earring design? Since there is a lot of sparkle with so many gemstones, tone down the shape. Still play with different lengths and size but try keeping the shapes similar. For example, varying sizes of diamond shaped earrings.

Also, stick to a single metal. This actually goes for any style in the mismatched earrings trend. Don’t mix metals because this takes away from the cohesion.

Style #4: A Mirror Image & the Mismatched Earrings Trend

Our final mismatched earrings trend tip is the mirror image style. Imagine a gorgeous statement piece pearl earring. Can you see it? Now, flip it over across a horizontal line. Looks different, doesn’t it?

The mirror image style is another somewhat subtle mismatched earrings trend style. With this style you are not going OTT with different shapes, lengths or gemstones. You are sticking to one type of gold earring only flipped over.

This does not mean that this is a cop out. We still expect two statement piece pearl earrings. For example, a pearl and nature-inspired earring that reaches all the way to your shoulders on one ear. On the other ear the same earring but its mirror image and only reaching your jawline. A mirror image alternative is a wide pearl shape on one ear and half of that shape on the other ear.

Mothers Day jewelry

As you can see, you can stay classy and wear pearls with the mismatched earrings trend. Like everything else with jewelry, you just need to be creative and bold enough to wear jewelry your own way. And this is what we encourage you to do. Check out the rest of our articles and find other delicious styling inspiration.

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