Introducing cluster earrings – the most classy and glam earrings! This earring style is how you add drama to your look. The sparkling gemstones and crystals catch the light and make you the center of attention.

Never heard of a cluster earring before? We are sure you see them all the time, though. Cluster earrings are types of earrings with crystals or gemstones all grouped together. Many gemstone studs are cluster earrings but there are also cluster drop earrings. Looking for more glam and OTT sparkle in your life? Read on for our guide on cluster earrings and learn how to style different types of earrings.

Types of Cluster Earrings

Technically, any earring with gemstones grouped together is a cluster earring. For example, three crystals forming a triangle stud is a cluster earring but so is a ball drop earring with a ball made of small diamonds.

There are a few common designs for cluster earrings. Using gemstones for a floral jewelry piece is perhaps the most common example of a cluster earring. Other designs you often see are round shapes with several rings of gemstones and star shapes.

A newer style of cluster earrings is the hoop earring with gemstones. For example, a pair of gold hoops with a group of amethysts dangling at the bottom.

Earrings with grouped together pearls also classify as a cluster earrings. This style is popular now because pearls are having their moment with new modern designs. Pearl cluster earrings are a fun take on the classic pearl studs or pearl drop earrings.

pearl drop earrings

Last, but not least, there are the all-metal cluster earrings where you get no gemstones, but a cluster of glamorous gold or silver balls.

How to Style Multicolored Clusters

We are seeing colorful gemstones popping up everywhere since last season. Usually, this means women wearing different jewelry pieces with a different gemstone on each.

This is a very glam style but piling on the jewelry pieces does not work for every occasion. So what do you do when you prefer wearing fewer jewelry pieces but still want the multicolored gemstones effect? This is where the cluster earrings come in.

Wear multicolored cluster earrings when you want in on the multicolored gemstone trend but wearing a lot of jewelry pieces is too much for you. The great thing about cluster earrings is that they are a subtle pop of color. You can wear your hair down for a more casual look or wear your hair up for more emphasis on the earrings.

What about matching the colors to your outfit? For multicolored earrings we recommend wearing an outfit in a similar tone as the earrings. For example, a pair of turquoise and pink agate cluster earrings works with a pastel dress. A cluster of darker gemstones like onyx and rubies works with a black or brown outfit.

Don’t worry about matching the earring colors to the rest of your jewelry pieces. Just stick to the same type of metal as in the earrings for a cohesive look.

How to Style Clear Crystal Clusters

Clear crystal cluster earrings are the perfect example of luxury and glam style. We love this type of earring for a special event. Let yourself feel like princess with a beautiful dress, your hair up and eye-catching cluster earrings.

We also like studs with a cluster of gemstones for a powerful business woman look. It has more drama than a pair of solid gold studs but still creates a polished look. Plus, since most of us are guilty of wearing darker colors for work, these clear crystal earrings pop out even more.

Another style we often wear with clear crystal clusters is clothing with bright colors. Listen, the only thing that has the power to balance out a neon skirt is big clear crystal cluster earrings. We might as well go all the way.

When to Stick to Studs and When to Wear Drop Earrings

Cluster earrings have a wow factor either way. However, sometimes studs work better than drop earrings and vice versa. So how do you know when to wear which earring style?

In general, studs are the perfect earring style when you need something practical. For example, at work, a busy day running around town or even a children’s birthday party.

14k gold stud earrings

Studs make you look and feel stylish without the risk of regretting it later. You know, like when a three-year-old grabs your long earring because it is shiny. Or when your sleeve snags on the sharp edges of your earring while you are wiping off the sweat on your forehead.

So when should you wear a cluster drop earring? When you are feeling fierce or want to feel fierce. Cluster drop earrings are an instant confidence booster. Who would not feel smoking hot with so much bling?

Wear bigger earrings for looser outfits like boho dresses or baggy sweaters. Wear smaller drop earrings for a polished feminine look.

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