Large hoop earrings have been in the news for a while now. While women everywhere have started to wear hoops more and more, designers are constantly trying to come up with exciting ideas, reinventing the classic large hoop earrings. At Ana Luisa, we have selected four of our most beloved designs of large hoops. Keep on reading to discover them and get new ideas about how to style different types of earrings.

Are large hoop earrings for you?

Right now there is a myth that large hoop earrings work only with certain face shapes. That is, of course, false. If, for example, you are round-faced, this doesn’t mean that you should avoid oversized hoops. You can choose a pair that has more amplitude on the bottom and can balance out your features in a nice way. For square-faced women, large hoop earrings are also a great choice if you wear a thin design as opposed to thick hoops.

The answer to this question is yes. Large hoop earrings are great for any woman. It only matters what design you choose and how you wear them. And for the last part, we have some amazing ideas. Keep on reading to discover our top four oversized hoops choices and how to style them.

Cuidado large hoop earrings by Ana Luisa

Crafted from hand-drawn designs by Sarah Therese, these oversized hoops with pared-down aesthetics must not miss from your jewelry collection. They add a touch of contemporaneity to the classic gold hoops and work beautifully with a simple outfit. Your basic tee, a classic pair of jeans and a charm bracelet are more than enough to emphasize these large hoop earrings and achieve a stylish look.

fine gold jewelry

Of course, you can also wear them with a cocktail dress, a smart suit or even a glam rock outfit. The beauty of these hoops is that they show volume in the bottom part, making them ideal for half-up, half-down hairstyle or a sleek ponytail. Versatile, gorgeous and chic, these handcrafted large gold hoops will become your next favorite jewelry pieces.

Mismatched gold hoops – Sekai

If you are not one to follow rules and you take pleasure in reinventing yourself, skip on the classic hoops. Instead, choose mismatched large hoop earrings and have fun styling them with your favorite outfits. Carefully handcrafted to offer that unique look, these gold hoops are ideal for women who want to defy the rules. And guess what? Their name comes from Japanese and it means “the world”. After all, our world is full of asymmetries and that’s where part of its charm stands.

large gold hoop earrings

You can wear these mismatched gold hoops with shorts and a tank top when you go for ice cream, but you can also wear them with a gown and a strand of pearls. The point is that these earrings are versatile, fashionable and always a good idea. Match them with other contemporary pieces, like the chunky cuff bracelet or the stacked rings and you get the recipe for an unforgettable look.

Classic 14k gold large hoop earrings

Handcrafted in solid 14k gold, these classic large hoops by Ana Luisa are timeless jewelry pieces. And the best part is that they are made 100% of recycled gold. This means that you can also feel good about yourself when wearing these fantastic large hoop earrings. Without mined gold, these earrings breathe new life into old jewelry pieces and promote a sustainable approach to jewelry.

large gold hoop earrings

You can always adopt a retro look and style these earrings with mom jeans, a crop top, and a polka dots headband. Of course, because solid gold hoops are versatile, there are many more combinations you can try. Wear them with skater skirts, mid wrap dresses, and even summer shorts. There is no limit on styling large hoop earrings. As for your other jewelry, try gold bangles, cocktail rings, and dainty pendant necklaces.

Chunky gold hoops – Nikki earrings

Last, but not least, we have a new fabulous design of large hoop earrings created by YouTube star Nikki Glamour. Just like her channel, these earrings spell glamorous. Carefully handcrafted to offer them a high-end feel, these earrings must not miss from your jewelry collection. Even though they have a chunky design, these earrings are lightweight and comfortable to wear. Plus, they look especially fabulous with short hair or a sleek ponytail.

large gold hoop earrings

Since they are pretty chunky and have more volume at the bottom part, these oversized gold hoops will look dashing when matched with other simple jewelry. Try them with a thin gold choker, gemstone rings or a long and thin lariat. As for your outfit, wear them with summery dresses, tank tops or culottes.

If you enjoyed discovering our large hoop earrings and how to style them, continue on this blog. Just use the search box to find out useful information about any topic related to jewelry. From care guides to buying advice and fashion inspiration, at Ana Luisa, you will always get the best jewelry information. Give in to your passion for unique jewelry and find out more about it.

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