Crystals are the perfect accessory whether they take the form of bracelets, necklaces, rings, or earrings. It is widely known that different types of earrings are used to complement or accentuate certain aspects of the face but no matter who you are, the right crystal earrings will always have a way of flattering you. There are hundreds of variations of crystals- it’s all about choosing which one is right for you. Crystals have been known to have healing powers and give off certain special energies. Whether you believe in spiritual auras or are simply intrigued by various crystal colors, there will be a pair of earrings out there for you- guaranteed.

You may not realize it, but colors have a significant effect on our brains. This is one of the reasons why crystal experts often say to not choose a crystal, but to let the crystal choose you. Your intuition will ultimately lead you to the right one(s). At Ana Luisa, we have various options of crystal jewelry to choose from. With the countless variations of meanings for crystals, you will be shocked with what you will find out! Read on to discover our favorite crystals and how to flaunt them.

  1. Lapis Lazuli

The stunning lapis lazuli crystal was once used to decorate tombstones in ancient Egypt. If you find this stone calling your name, it means that you crave tranquility and spiritual renewal in your life. The lapis lazuli will open doors for you to explore yourself as well as your relation to the universe. Some deep stuff, right? The precious royal blue crystal is mesmerizing with its breathtaking glitter texture and ability to truly stand out. Pair the mysterious lapis lazuli crystal earrings with white high, crunch-waisted shorts and a floral blouse. Your earrings will add the perfect aura to your overall outfit. Feel cleansed, fresh, and fearless in your new crystal jewelry! Don’t forget to match your crystal earrings with our lapis lazuli voyage ring for the complete combo.

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  1. Onyx

Get ready to feel empowered in onyx crystal earrings. This deep, black crystal allows you to look into your biggest fears. Of course, it is not meant to scare you, but to inspire you to really grasp the power that comes with facing your fears. Be aware, there are many variations of onyx. The powerful crystal is not always midnight black; it can appear in strands of gray and white. Adorn your ears with onyx crystal earrings and you will instantly free yourself of any self-doubt or anxieties you have been facing. Pair with a little black dress and ripped denim jacket for an added mysterious and stylish effect and you will feel your worries slowly fade away. You will love how this outfit looks with our beloved Arti Onyx Bangle.

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  1. Moonstone

A crowd-favorite, the moonstone knows how to really take a hold of your emotions! You can almost feel the force of the tides from the clear, blue oceans inside your unique moonstone jewelry. The moonstone is associated with fertility, sensuality and allows you to get in touch with your feminine side. It will cleanse your mind of all your struggles and hardships – OK, maybe not ALL, but there is no doubt you will feel laid-back and have a “go with the flow” vibe with the stunning crystal. This distinguishable crystal, with its various hues, make it distinctive in different lighting. Make a statement in a pair of moonstone crystal earrings and match it with a black flowy midi skirt and crop-top. You’ll love this look when paired with our moonstone Janet ring!

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  1. Clear Crystal Earrings

Ahh…crystals, oh how we adore them. Last, but not least is an all-time favorite. A timeless clear crystal that will always be in, regardless of ever-changing trends. You can choose to wear crystal earrings in a drop-down chandelier style or wear a pair of floral cluster studded earrings for an ultimate soft-chic look. These crystals have a way of lending any outfit an elegant effect. You can go from work, to leisure to going out all in the same day and still pull off the stylish crystal look. The possibilities are endless. At Ana Luisa, we have a large variety of crystal earrings in our Fine Essentials and Fine Paraiso collections. For the ultimate everyday classic look, we recommend pairing our Gisele crystal earrings with our gleaming Amanda crystal necklace.

Wearing crystals will never feel the same once you try our jaw-dropping jewelry! Crystals are truly powerful pieces with hundreds of texture and color variations to choose from. We hope this article helps you find which crystals stand out to you and inspire you to find your unique style! Let us know what your favorite crystal is by commenting below and sharing with your friends!

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