Enamel earrings are artistic and hip, not to mention gorgeous. With a unique chic vibe, the enamel trend is here to stay. This is why we believe it’s time for you to learn how to style different types of earrings that feature an enamel layer. Read further to discover the best styles of enamel earrings and how to style them like a fashion pro.

Delicate Enamel Earrings – Hana Blue & Pink by Ana Luisa

With an elegant backing mechanism, an artistic design and a gorgeous enamel craftsmanship, these enamel hoops by Ana Luisa are must-have jewelry pieces. Chic, beautiful and always great to wear when you want your jewelry to be the focal point of your outfit, our Hana earrings come in two adorable versions. You can get a pair of enamel hoops with blue details that look elegant and chic. You can choose the powder pink version that looks very romantic. Regardless of your choice, these earrings are gorgeous pieces that you can style in a creative way.

For example, you can wear Ana Luisa’s Hana Pink earrings with a messy updo and a flowy pastel rose midi dress. Add a silk scarf, a dainty pendant necklace and flat sandals and you get the perfect look for a romantic first date.

You can also style Ana Luisa’s Hana Blue enamel earrings with tailored trousers, a structured blazer and a cuff bracelet to get a smart-business look that showcases your fabulous style. Wear your hair in a sleek ponytail and choose lacquer stiletto shoes to complete this look.

Sleek Enamel Earrings – Mini Kinoko Marble Blue & Gold

If you want to try the enamel earrings trend but don’t want to draw too much attention, you can always choose a pair of sleek medium-sized or small earrings. Ana Luisa’s Mini Kinoko ball drop earrings come in two gorgeous options. Choose the blue version for a chic marble blend of bleu ceil and white or get the gold version if you plan on wearing them at a formal event. These fabulous ball drop earrings are not only gorgeous and fashionable, but also easy to style due to their ideal size. If a big statement earring style is not your cup of tea but you still want to try the enamel trend, our Mini Kinoko earrings are exactly what you need.

You can wear the Mini Kinoko Marble Blue earrings to work along with an A-line midi dress, flat shoes and a medium-sized coin necklace to create an irresistible smart-casual look. Wear the Mini Kinoko Marble Gold earrings to a cocktail party along with a classic little black dress, a chunky gold ring and strappy sandals. Of course, you can also style these fab enamel earrings with casual clothes like your favorite print tee and cuff jeans.

Statement Enamel Earrings – Kinoko Marble Blue & Gold

Love big statement jewelry that gets you noticed wherever you go? That means you will become obsessed with these fab statement enamel earrings by Ana Luisa. With a fashionable ball drop design, an artistic enamel layer and a sleek look, these earrings are simply amazing. For a crisp, contemporary look, you can choose the Kinoko Marble Blue earrings. If you want to blend a classical style with modern elements, then go for the Kinoko Marble Gold earrings.

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A great styling idea is to wear Ana Luisa’s Kinoko Marble Blue earrings along with a metallic midi skirt and a solid color tee. Add a hip belt and a couple of stacked bracelets. You can combine simple gold bangles with gemstone cuff bracelets and leather bracelets, but make sure to reflect the color of the earrings in one of your bracelets. Wear sneakers and a soft pouch and you are ready to go out.

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You can also create a contemporary elegant look by wearing Ana Luisa’s Kinoko Marble Gold earrings. Wear your hair up so that everybody can admire your gorgeous enamel earrings. Accessorize your earrings with a gold beaded necklace and a solitaire ring. Choose a strappy gown in a solid color and a precious fabric, like silk, and a pair of stiletto shoes. Continue the golden theme with a gold jewel clutch and you are ready to go out.

Elegant Earrings by Ana Luisa

Styling enamel earrings is easy and fun because you get to be creative. Of course, there are more styling ideas for you to try. The general rule is to keep your other jewelry simple, even if you are wearing chunky designs. You can wear a pair of enamel earrings with a chunky collar necklace as long as the necklace doesn’t feature too many details. It’s important to let your earrings be the only highly-detailed jewelry pieces if you want to get a chic look.

If you enjoyed discovering styling inspiration for enamel earrings, then you should continue on this blog. You will get access to exclusive content where you will find more inspirational styling ideas, care & maintenance guides, as well as jewelry buying tips. Stay informed and fashionable with Ana Luisa.

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