Ball drop earrings create a playful look that adds a fresh touch to your outfit. There is something about the shape that makes you smile every time. We’ve already fallen in love with this trend and think that you will too. Learning how to style earrings is important for your look, so here are a few of our favorite styling tips for ball drop earrings. Read on to find out how you can add more bounce to your look.

For the Romantic Days

The ball shape is fun and flirty which makes ball drop earrings the ideal jewelry piece for the days that you want to bring out your girly side. Choose balls in a color that comes back in your clothing for a complete look.

Nothing is as lady-like as a knee-length circle skirt. We especially like how floral patterns on a skirt look matched with ball details in earrings. You can even wear a ball and tassel earring for extra flirty vibes. Soft pastel colors like a rose pink or light yellow will look pretty. Pearls work very well for this style, too. Yes, pearl earrings count as ball drop earrings.

If there is already a pattern in the skirt then keep the top plain. This will draw more attention to the ball drop earrings and frame your face. Take a different color from the skirt for the top or stick to classic white. Round neck t-shirts or a pretty white lace all give the look a fresh feminine feel.

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Front Back Earrings for All Round Awesomeness

The coolest earring style is the front back earring. If you want to keep your look modern then this is the earring style to go for.

A long solid metal bar with a ball at the top and at the bottom stays within the ball drop earrings trend but with an industrial twist. We like this style to be either in stainless steel or solid yellow gold. Let metallics come through in your clothing for this style. Try black skinny jeans with a silver halter top or a mini dress with metallic detailing.

You can also wear a front back earring that has a string instead of a bar for a softer look. Again, go for solid metal earrings like gold or silver. For this style of ball drop earrings, you can keep the look casual. This style looks sexy with a long-sleeved crop top or off-the-shoulder romper.

Bright Colored Ball Drop Earrings with Monochrome Clothing

Ball drop earrings are playful so they are an unexpected twist for outfits that are otherwise black, white or gray.

Channel a modern-day Cruella Deville (admit it, she has great style) with a black and white jumpsuit. Then for the surprise, choose a bright red ball drop earring that matches your lipstick.

An all-white outfit also looks fab with balls in bright colors. Look for earrings that are a cluster of balls and beads or aligned balls in different sizes. Wear this look with an oversized wool sweater in the winter and swap it out for a light summer dress when the temperatures rise again.

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Multi-Colored Balls

Don’t be afraid to play with color when it comes to ball drop earrings. You can have balls in different colors in the earrings or choose a pair that also incorporates other materials like gemstones or beads. The round shape pairs well with other elements so don’t worry too much about the earrings looking too busy.

If you are brave enough to go bold with balls then tone down the style of your clothing. Solid colors in your clothing let your earrings draw the attention to your face. Instead, you can play around with different textures in your clothing like a soft and shiny velvet top or ribbed t-shirt.

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You can also play around with matching colors in your other jewelry pieces but again, tone it down. For example, wear a gemstone ring in one of the colors you find the earrings. Or layer a few thin bracelets in the same color pattern as the earrings.

You can also choose to play it safe by keeping the color in just the earrings. In this case, focus on jewelry for your hands and skip the necklace. You can also bring back the balls in an anklet if you are wearing shorts or a dress.

These are our favorite ways to wear ball drop earrings. With this jewelry trend, we challenge you to be a little more adventurous and find your playful side. Be creative with colors and drop earring designs to keep the look fresh and modern. Do you need more jewelry styling inspiration? Keep reading through our ‘how to wear’ articles where we cover all the jewelry trends you will want to try out.

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