Crystal stud earrings are about as versatile as jewelry comes. You cannot style them wrongly and you can wear them to any occasion. Crystal stud earrings are an unmissable piece in your jewelry collection.

Alright, we hear you thinking. How do you stand out with stud earrings? It is all about the styling, babe. All you need to know is how to best showcase the shimmer of the crystals and what shape works with what outfit. There are more shapes than just the simple circles, ovals and squares for crystal stud earrings. Though these are classic crystal stud styles, there are so many more shapes you can choose from. Stud earrings are never boring when styled the right way.

Ready to replace your solid gold studs with something that has more glam and shine? Read on for our favorite crystal stud earrings ideas for every kind of occasion and discover how to style different types of earrings.

Gold Crystal Stud Earrings

When we wear crystal stud earrings, we use their shine for highlighting our facial features. It is like the sun is our personal hype woman. That is also why we love clear studs in a gold setting. The reflection of light on the earrings gives you a natural glow.

The yellow tone of the gold is a beautiful contrast to the clear crystal color. The contrast in warm versus cool color makes the earrings stand out more. A rose gold setting also works for creating contrast with a clear crystal.

If you prefer something more subtle then choose a silver setting. Since both the clear crystal and the silver have cool undertones the colors blend into each other more.

However, if you are going for a look that catches the light and everyone’s attention, then go for the gold crystal stud earrings. This works for any special event, a work day or for a fun day out with friends.

Double Sided Crystal Stud Earrings for Surprisingly Chic Looks

We love double sided crystal stud earrings. They are a modern update on the already chic earring style and we are here for it. Double sided studs are like getting a two-for-one deal and who can resist that?

Wear double sided crystal stud earrings for a surprise element on polished looks. For example, a low bun with an oversized blazer or with a nighttime jumpsuit. The most common type of double sided studs is with a round pearl back. This type of crystal stud earring is a match made in heaven for French girl inspired looks. Whatever outfit you decide on, make sure that your hair is pulled away from your face. The backside of the studs deserve their moment, too.

Asymmetrical Earrings with Crystals

We never said that crystal stud earrings are a requirement for both ears. For a real wow factor in your jewelry, wear asymmetrical earrings. Wear one fab crystal stud on one ear and a dangling crystal stud earring on the ear. This looks is glam, funky and in your face.

Again, we prefer seeing crystal stud earrings set in gold. So, for this pairing you have the option of having crystals dominate on both ears or having more gold on one side. We do recommend letting the crystal be the star in both earrings. Remember, being the star doesn’t necessarily mean being an overpowering element. There is also beauty in subtle crystal details.

Asymmetrical earrings work great for casual days and social events. It really is up to you. How daring is your everyday look? If you don’t blink twice at wearing asymmetrical earrings to work then more power to you.

Simple and Sweet Staple Jewelry

We cannot forget the importance of simple crystal stud earrings. They are a basic jewelry piece but this does not mean that you are a basic person. Always appreciate the classic jewelry designs.

Sometimes, simple crystal stud earrings are all you really need for your look. For these jewelry box staples we like simple crystal shapes. Of course, set in gold. Think of a baguette shape, pear shape, oval and cushion.

Any classic gemstone shape works. Just choose the one that best fits your general style. A basic round shape works for any aesthetic, for example. Gemstone shapes with pointed ends work well in more edgy looks while more rounded shapes are perfect feminine earrings.

Colorful Crystals

We didn’t forget about the colorful crystal stud earrings. These are a fun addition to your jewelry collection, too. Match the color of the crystals to the other jewelry pieces for a cohesive look.

You don’t necessarily need crystals in all jewelry pieces, though. You can also match the color of the crystal with an enamel bracelet in the same color, for example. Wearing a gemstone necklace is also a good match.

However, when wearing colorful crystal stud earrings, you need to also pay attention to the colors of your clothes. A monochrome look is always fabulous, so go ahead and match your red crystal stud earrings with that chic red dress. If you’d like a little bit more diversity, make sure to choose clothes in neutral colors that act like a canvass for your colored crystal stud earrings.

Feel inspired? Check out our other articles as well where you will find more fabulous styling advice. Then head out to Ana Luisa online jewelry shop to see our unique stud earrings collection and get yourself a new fabulous jewelry piece. You deserve it!

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