Wood earrings are not the first thing you think of when looking for earring inspiration. We’d like you to give them a try, though. Try everything at least once, right? Wood may not have the shimmer of metals but that doesn’t mean it’s any less eye-catching. We’ve put together styling ideas for wood earrings that will surely make some heads turn. In the most positive way, of course. We’d never lead you down the wrong style road. Read on for tips on how to style earrings, even if they are made of this unexpected material.

Keep It Thin and Simple

Wood earrings designs that are thick and large are less flattering than their smaller and thinner counterparts. Earrings that are too big look like they are weighing you down.

We recommend choosing earring designs that are not big chunks of wood. Go for the more elegant designs that are smaller. A good measurement for the length is the end of your jawline right below the ear. The earring shouldn’t reach far beyond this point.

When designing with wood, the earrings easily read as vintage. Simpler designs are more modern. Keep away from intricately carved pieces. Yes, the carvings are beautiful but wearing them as earrings takes away from your style. Choose minimalist designs with simple lines instead.

Geometric Shapes in Wood Earrings

Carrying on in the spirit of simplicity, geometric shapes work particularly well as wood earrings. Think bars and triangles but also graphic shapes like chevron and diamonds. These shapes can be carved into the wood or as the shape of the entire earring.


The straight lines of these shapes serve as a great backdrop for other colors. For example, a bar earring can be two-tone with half in the natural wood and the other half painted in a glittery gold or silver. The contrast in colors makes the earrings graphic and modern.

The difference in color can also come from the type of wood used in the earring. Imagine a diamond shape created out of different colors of wood triangles. This gives the earrings an artsy feel without looking like a craft project.

Mixing Wood & Gemstones

Aside from mixing colors, you can also mix wood with semi-precious stones and pearls. We love the concept of two natural elements coming together for a piece of jewelry.

We prefer darker woods for this style idea. Darker woods are more classy and bring out the brilliance of stones better than the lighter varieties. Pearls especially, look very pretty next to the contoured surface of the wood.

Wood earrings that already incorporate a gemstone also make it easier for you to style the rest of your jewelry. You can play off of the gemstone instead of the wood in the other jewelry pieces. One wood element in your jewelry look is enough. You don’t need to bring back the wooden material in the other jewelry pieces. This will keep your look current.

Matching Jewelry Pieces

This brings us to how to pair your wood earrings with other jewelry pieces. Like we said, keep the wood element to just the earrings. Look for other elements in the earrings that you can carry through in other jewelry pieces instead. Think of the shape of the earrings, any embellishment, and the color.

For example, you can bring back the shape of the earring in a ring or as an element of your bracelet. Match the gemstones in your earrings with a gemstone pendant necklace. You can also play with different colors in the earring and bring those colors back in the other jewelry pieces.

To keep your look classy, we recommend pairing with minimal jewelry designs made from metals. Wood earrings are already unusual and attention-grabbing pieces so you don’t want to overdo it.

What About the Outfit?

Plan your outfit as you would with any other earring material. Base your clothing choices on the length of the earrings, the colors, and gemstones.

We like off the shoulder tops because this clears away the distractions on your shoulders and neckline. We want those earrings to have the perfect backdrop.

For a casual look, we also like crop tops. Wood earrings are playful and free-spirited which are characteristics that we associate with crop tops too. If you want to get poetic you can wear tops made from the bamboo material.

Another way to keep it casual is by pairing the wood earrings with denim. A denim jacket with lots of pockets brings back those seventies vibes.

Wood earrings take more thought to style but we think these tips will help you. Embrace new materials for your jewelry pieces. For more earrings inspiration, read through our other articles. There’s much more to explore. Also, visit Ana Luisa online jewelry shop to view our unique earrings collections.

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