Gold plated earrings are a great idea if you want durable, elegant and fair-priced types of earrings. They look just as great as solid gold earrings but have the advantage of being less pretentious. However, there are still a couple of styling rules that apply. In order to help you become a jewelry expert and wear it like a fashion pro, we have decided to share a couple of important dos & don’ts when it comes to wearing gold plated earrings. Read further to find out how to wear them and what to avoid.

Will gold plated earrings look great with any color?

Unfortunately, no. Just like solid gold earrings, gold plated ones look best with neutral tones, like white, black, cream and beige. This happens because gold plated earrings have a unique brilliance and are best emphasized when your outfit doesn’t stand out. For a classic look, you can pair them with an elegant black dress and stiletto shoes. For a glam touch, pair them with white trousers and golden sandals.

Of course, when it comes to the colors of your outfit, you can also pair gold plated earrings with pastels and soft tones. Regarding strong colors, deep blue looks especially elegant with gold tones. Red can work as well, but try to avoid patterns and bright reds if you don’t want to end up resembling a Christmas tree. And speaking of avoiding certain colors, don’t ever wear orange with gold plated earrings. The two tones will clash terribly and the effect will not be so nice.

Other than orange and even yellow hues, gold is pretty versatile, so you have a big range of colors to choose from.

Your other jewelry & gold plated earrings

Now that we’ve established what kind of outfits you can wear with this type of earrings, let’s see what jewelry you should wear. Because gold is a versatile metal, it looks wonderful with any gemstone, from clear diamonds and pink quartz to black onyx and rainbow opals. We can’t say that gold doesn’t go well with a certain gemstone (except for citrine, maybe), but this doesn’t mean that you can wear any type of jewelry with your gold plated earrings.

We know that you want to try to mix your metals, as this is the fashion at the moment. And while we love this creative trend, we advise you to try it for less formal occasions. You could mix your gold plated earrings with silver bangles or platinum pendants when you go out for a club night. However, if you are invited to a formal gala, try to wear only gold or platinum. Of course, if we are talking about white gold, you can combine it with platinum.

If you want to mix your metals, the golden rule (pun unintended) is to layer them. For example, wearing your gold plated earrings with a gold chain necklace along with a silver chain necklace and multiple bangles can look wonderful.

Can I wear my gold plated earrings anywhere?

This depends on the style. Gold plated studs or mini hoops are ideal for everyday wear. Gold plated statement earrings, on the other hand, are not so great for office hours and business meetings. Now, regardless of the style of the earrings, you should know something about gold.

Whether it is gold plated, gold filled or solid gold, a golden piece of jewelry has a very romantic feel. It could be its warm color or delicate shine but, regardless of the reason, gold makes us think of long walks on the beach and beautiful sunsets. This is why your gold plated earrings will look especially fabulous on a first date or perhaps an anniversary dinner.

Should I buy gold plated earrings?

The short answer to that is yes. For the longer version, stick with us. As you probably know, there are some myths regarding gold plated jewelry.

The myth no. 1 is that gold plated jewelry is not high-quality and that the gold layer will wear off. This is simply not true. Depending on where you buy it, gold plated jewelry can be just as durable as solid gold jewelry. In fact, it can be even more so because gold itself is not a durable metal. A 22k gold piece of jewelry is more prone to scratches than a gold plated piece of jewelry. Regarding the gold layer, as long as you take care of your jewelry, it won’t wear off.

The myth no. 2 is that if the gold layer has worn off, you can’t wear your jewelry anymore. Again, not true. If you repeatedly when to the pool wearing your gold plated jewelry, the substances in the water may have caused the gold layer to wear off. But you can simply take the jewelry to the jewelry shop and have it replated for a fresh, new look. It’s that easy.

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