It looks as if mismatched earrings are here to stay and why shouldn’t they? Asymmetry means fun and, when combined with jewelry, it also means a great style. This years’ fashion shows around the world have seen a lot of asymmetries, including mismatched earrings. And because Ana Luisa is the go-to place when you want to find out how to style different types of earrings, today we are going to share with you some news from the celebrities’ world. Read further to discover which celebrities wear the mismatched earrings trend the best.

Mismatched earrings style guidelines

Before we get started with our gossip, we want to share with you some style guidelines for wearing mismatched earrings. This may be a creative and unconventional trend, but as with everything in life, some rules still apply.

  • The most important rule when wearing mismatched earrings is to have a common element between them. Whether it is the same color, material, shape or theme, it is up to you. An opposite effect can also be considered a common element. For example, a stud earring with a long dangle earring.
  • If you are wearing mismatched earrings, your outfit needs to be simple. To create a fashionable effect, you need to let your earrings stand out, so choose a neutral outfit over patterns and vivid colors.
  • Pay attention to your hairstyle so that both of your earrings show. You can also wear an asymmetrical hairstyle if you want, but let both of your earrings be visible.

Best of mismatched earrings by celebrity looks

As celebrities inspire us and help you get more stylish ideas, we have decided to put them under a microscope and share some of the best mismatched earrings looks we have seen so far. Let the gossip begin!

Emma Watson

mismatched earrings

She has an impeccable style and we love her for her strong beliefs and smart looks. Emma Watson is always a style icon and when it comes to mismatched earrings, there is no exception to this rule. Here she has chosen to wear a delicate diamond stud earring with an extra-long linear drop earring and the effect is remarkable. She has achieved an asymmetrical yet balanced look that emphasizes her features.

Scarlett Johansson

mismatched earrings

The beautiful blonde actress is always an example of good taste and style. She was one of the first celebrities to adopt this trend and she has brought it to a masterpiece. Her beautiful pair of mismatched earrings consists of a gemstone cluster earring and a stud earring featuring the same set of gemstones. Elegant, unconventional and bold, Scarlett Johansson is one of our favorite celebrities when it comes to wearing different earrings.

Saoirse Ronan

mismatched earrings

The beautiful Irish actress who is known for her role in Atonement, as well as her recent Lady Bird role, chose to wear a pair of mismatched earrings that are very elegant and stylish. They have the same shape and length but feature different gemstones which offer Saoirse’s look a unique touch. Combining different gemstones for identical earrings is a great way to wear different earrings but maintain a common element.

Allison Williams

mismatched earrings

The “Girls” superstar chose to play in a different way with her mismatched earrings. The common element was that both earrings had the same finish. One of them has a sparkle ladder shape, while the other one is a linear drop earring.

Meghan Markle

mismatched earrings

Going where no royal has ever gone before, Meghan Markle makes a bold and very stylish choice. She decided to wear a pair of mismatched studs that looked gorgeous on her. While more subtle than our previous examples, Meghan’s earrings are still cool and very trendy.

Ana Luisa mismatched earrings

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mismatched earrings

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mismatched earrings

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