To stack earrings is new fabulous. After wearing layered necklaces, multiple bangles and stacked rings, it’s time to go to the next level and pile up on your earrings. We know what you are thinking – is it going to hurt? Not necessarily. With today’s designs, you don’t need to make your earlobe look like a Schweitzer piece of cheese. All you need is inspiration, a few essential pieces and some good fashion advice from Ana Luisa. So be calm and read further to discover how to stack earrings and adopt a fresh & creative jewelry trend.

What styles of earrings can you stack?

Ear cuffs, huggies, and studs are fantastic earrings styles which you can use to create an ear party. But this doesn’t mean that you can use other types of earrings as well. You can also stack oversized hoops and drop earrings if you are feeling bold. Of course, there are a couple of rules to follow but this is why you have us. When in doubt, just browse through our blog where you will always find the best jewelry styling ideas.

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Coming back to the stack earrings trend, there is a lot of fuss about it with more and more celebrities displaying ear parties whenever they have the chance. Take Emma Watson, for example, and her gorgeous style. Blake Lively and Cara Delavigne have also adopted this new trend and they are rocking it. If you are ready to adopt it too, then read further to find out how to stack earrings even if you don’t want another piercing.

How to stack earrings without having your ears pierced (again)

When you want to stack earrings, but are afraid of needles, you have other options to choose from. There are these little marvels called “fake piercing earrings” which will prove to be your best friends in this case. Fake piercing earrings are, in fact, clip-on earrings that you can easily put on and take off. Instead of a pin that goes through the piercing and is secured with a post, they have a clip-on mechanism. You simply choose where you want to feature them on the earlobe and clip them on. Whoever said “no pain, no gain” clearly didn’t know about fake piercing earrings.

Of course, this type of earrings comes in many shapes and forms. To make the best of this trend, get yourself a pair of fake piercing studs, ear cuffs, and small hoops. If you want to take this one step further, you can also get a pair of clip-on drop earrings. When you have all those pieces you can start to stack earrings even if you have no piercing at all.

Top rules to follow when stacking earrings

Now that we’ve established that you can adopt this trend without needles being involved, let’s see how you can stack earrings and obtain a fabulous result. Of course, if you already have multiple piercings or are planning to get some, you won’t need any fake piercing earrings. However, you will still need to follow these fashion rules.

Find a balance

You can’t stack earrings without finding some sort of balance, otherwise, your ears will look less like an ear party and more like an ear disaster. If you choose to wear a drop earring, pair it with a wide ear cuff to create the balance between length and width. If you choose to wear stud earrings, you can match them with huggies or circular cartilage earrings. This way you will balance the shapes. You can also stack more than two pairs of earrings, but always pay attention to the balance.

Find a common theme

The best stack earrings solutions follow a common theme. If you choose to stack a pair of pearl cluster earrings with stainless steel pointy studs, it may not look so fashionable. Elegant and casual pieces work together when they have something in common. For example, you can create an all-gold theme, and it will look gorgeous. You can also create a geometric theme and wear triangle studs with circular ear cuffs and linear drop earrings. Use your imagination and make sure that when you stack earrings, the pieces share a common element.

Pay attention to the gemstones

Stacking metal earrings is easier than wearing multiple gemstone earrings at the same time. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t do it. With a pair of crystal, cubic zirconia or diamond earrings, you can wear almost any gemstone. However, if you want to wear only colored gemstones, make sure the hues are complementary. You can either wear gemstone earrings with colors of the same family (e.g. aquamarine & turquoise) or opposite nuances that work well together.

Last, but not least, when you stack earrings it’s important to pay attention to your other jewelry as well. If you are having an ear party, try not to wear statement or layered necklaces, chunky bracelets or cocktail rings. Let your ears get all the attention and be subtle about your other jewelry. If you want to discover fabulous pieces which you can stack, visit Ana Luisa online jewelry boutique and browse through our designer earrings collections.

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