Nobody would have guessed that small hoop earrings would become more popular than oversized hoops, but there you have it. The jewelry world is obsessed with huggie hoops as well as ear cuffs and we couldn’t agree more. So if you are not convinced yet, keep on reading. Discover how to style different types of earrings and get the hang of small hoops and ear cuffs.

What are small hoop earrings & ear cuffs

Also called huggies or huggie hoops, small hoop earrings are tiny hoops that look as if they are embracing your ear lobe. This is where the term “huggies” comes from. They can be gold, silver or even stainless steel. It all depends on your metal of choice. They can also be simple tiny hoops, twisted or with gemstones and a particular design. The size of small hoop earrings doesn’t prevent jewelry designer from being creative.

Ear cuffs, on the other hand, are earrings that you can wear on your ear cartilage. They can reach the ear lobe, but, most of the time, they provide that special layered look and stay on the cartilage. Just like small hoop earrings, they can be gold or silver and they can have a simple design or feature gemstones. A great thing about ear cuffs is that some designs don’t require piercings. You just attach them to the cartilage and they stay in place. So, for those of you who want to get a contemporary double-stack look but are not too keen on the idea of getting your ears pierced, ear cuffs are the perfect solution.

4 reasons to wear small hoop earrings & ear cuffs

If you need a reason to start wearing small hoop earrings, then keep on reading. We have not one, but four reasons for you to update your jewelry collection.

  1. The most versatile jewelry pieces

There is, practically, no limit to wearing small hoop earrings or ear cuffs. You can wear them with your sharp office suit and minimal jewelry. You can wear them with your sequin party dress and layered necklaces or gold chokers. At a formal event, small hoop earrings will look dashing with your statement necklace. Layer your huggies with ear cuffs and you have the perfect look for a rock concert.

small hoop earrings

  1. Lightweight & comfortable to wear

Did you ever come home from a party and couldn’t wait to take your earrings off? We know the feeling. But with small hoop earrings, you won’t get that. Ear cuffs and huggies are so comfortable to wear that you will even forget they are there. Huggie hoops don’t weight down your ear lobe making it hurt and cartilage earrings will stay in place without sliding off and without hurting your ears.

  1. Small hoop earrings & ear cuffs for a layered look

If you like wearing more necklaces at once, stacking your rings or bracelets, then you will love playing with your huggies. You can wear mismatched earrings or create an ear party with huggie hoops and ear cuffs. After all, you don’t need large drop earrings to make a statement. You can make it just as fine with layered earrings that look absolutely gorgeous.

small hoop earrings

  1. A contemporary look

We all love vintage jewelry but, sometimes, we feel that everything good was already invented. This is not the case for small hoop earrings. In fact, huggie hoops and ear cuffs are some of the most contemporary jewelry pieces. Match them with metallic clothes and geometric jewelry to get a beautiful modern-day look.

Ana Luisa’s top choices for huggie hoops & ear cuffs

Don’t know where to start with small hoop earrings and ear cuffs? Don’t worry. We have made a list for you with our top choices. Discover the ones that match your personal style.

Solid Gold Mini Twisted Hoops

Handcrafted in solid gold, these classic small hoop earrings are perfect for those of you who want to easily adopt this style. Plus, they are crafted in 100% recycled solid gold, so they are also ethical and sustainable.

Moonstone Huggie Hoops – Riviera

Try something more daring than classic small hoops with these gorgeous huggies featuring a moonstone charm. Satisfy your gem needs and adopt the huggies style. Crafted with attention to detail and featuring a gorgeous moonstone charm, these earrings will brighten up your nights with their beautiful inner glow.

small hoop earrings

Lacquer Small Hoop Earrings – Jenny

Dipped in fine 14k gold and hand-painted, these lacquer hoops are not only gorgeous but also versatile.  And the best part is that you get them in three gorgeous designs. Try the silver huggies with a turquoise lacquer line to get an edgy look. Wear the gold huggies with navy lacquer to enhance any outfit or try the gold hoops with white lacquer to get a professional look.

small hoop earrings

Ear Cuffs – Ellie

Last, but not least, choose ear cuffs to get a modern layered look. Get sterling silver or gold ear cuffs and layer them with your other earrings. Ideal for those who do not have piercings, these ear cuffs attach easily onto the cartilage and stay in place all day long.

small hoop earrings

Are you already in love with small hoop earrings and ear cuffs? We bet you are so head on to Ana Luisa online jewelry shop. Discover our collection of exquisite huggie hoops and ear cuffs and upgrade your jewelry collection.

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