Hoop earrings are essential items in your jewelry box. The hoop is a timeless piece of jewelry that will complete your look for many occasions. The right pair of hoops will be your go-to piece. Have you already found your favorite pair and worn them with every imaginable outfit? We are here to give you some fresh inspiration on how to style earrings. Read on for our top five outfit ideas for your favorite hoop earrings.

  1. Graphic Tee with Colorful Hoops

Combine this jewelry basic with a fashion basic, the graphic t-shirt. A graphic t-shirt is a comfy casual look and hoop earrings have the same quality.

For this casual look you can take more risks with the design of the earrings. You can match your earrings to one of the colors in your t-shirt. Look for hoops that are graphic too, for example, a large gold hoop with a red enamel script. You can even follow the edgiest jewelry trend right now, wearing a single statement earring.

Have fun with your earrings for this look. Experiment with colors or try different materials like a beaded hoop. Just remember to match the colors with your graphic tee to have the look come together.

  1. Small Gold Hoop Earrings for the Office

The hoop earrings that you wear in the office should be sleek and simple. You can’t go wrong with a smaller yellow gold hoop. This is one of the most versatile jewelry pieces and will work with any work outfit.

We recommend a plated or solid yellow gold because you will want to make these earrings your workhorse jewelry piece. Yellow gold won’t clash with any of the colors in your outfit. It works just as well with your blue sweater as it does with your black suit jacket and white button down.

gold hoop earrings

Hoop earrings are subtle yet the right size will still accentuate your beautiful face. If you have several piercings in your ear then you can wear several gold hoops, too. Create a gradual difference in the hoop size for extra detail. You can also combine gold hoops with simple gold studs for more variation.

  1. Strapless Dress & Detailed Hoops

Hoop earrings are sexy, just as sexy as your strapless dress. For this look you will want to grab the attention with the upper part of your body. This is why a more detailed hoop earring will look perfectly extra with a strapless dress.

Some details you can try are hoops with a carved pattern, beaded hoops or even chandelier hoops. Let the hoops be centre of attention for this look. Wear your hair up and keep your other jewelry pieces minimal. If your hoop earrings are detailed enough then you won’t even need a necklace for the strapless dress.

  1. All Black or All White

An all-black or all white outfit just screams chic. Even when you’re wearing your black harem pants and black crop top, you’d still not look out of place in a fancy restaurant. Simply pop on a pair of strappy heels and hoop earrings and you are good to go.

For this monochrome look we suggest an icy colored hoop like silver or platinum. Or literally wear ice and pair your outfit with diamond hoops.

Monochrome and geometric shapes love each other. This is why your solid white or black outfit looks absolutely fab with hoop earrings. You can play into the geometry by wearing a string earring with a forward facing hoop. This is how you show your styling game is on point.

  1. The Hoop Earrings for Your Sweater Dress

There is something about hoop earrings that has a casual feel but still makes you look super feminine. A sweater dress is the ultimate comfy outfit. Add a touch of female power with the right pair of hoop earrings.

Play into the oversize styling by wearing larger hoops that dangle by your jawline or even beyond it. A general rule for hoop earrings is that the bigger the diameter, the thinner the hoop. So if your motto is the bigger the better then choose a more delicate design.

gold hoops

If big hoop earrings are not your thing then pair your sweater dress with a smaller chunkier hoop. Make use of the wider hoop and play with different textures and colors.

There you go, five new looks for your favorite earring shape. Before you continue reading our other articles, here’s a quick reminder of the hoop earring styling tips. First, the bigger the diameter, the thinner the hoop. Second, if you want to play with color then have one of the colors in your outfit come through in your earrings too. But most importantly, get yourself those hoop earrings. They represent a jewelry collection essential item. And the best place to get unique designer hoops is Ana Luisa online jewelry shop, so visit us.

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