14k gold stud earrings are the workhorses of your jewelry collection. They are the go-to piece when you are in a rush and they work with every look. Trust us, 14k gold stud earrings are unmissable. Sure, they are not as glamorous or eye-catching as big earrings. 14k gold stud earrings fulfill a different task. They are there for the practical, polished and chic looks.

Just because they are smaller, does not mean the design options are limited for 14k gold stud earrings. Quite the opposite. 14k gold stud earrings come in every color of gold, with every kind of gemstone and in endless styles. Maybe it is time we help you fall back in love with this underrated jewelry box staple. Read on for our favorite styling ideas for 14k gold stud earrings to learn how to style earrings.

14 Karat Gold Is the Best

No, really. We really believe that 14 karat gold is the best value you can get. 14 karat gold is much stronger and more durable than the higher karat values. These pieces are less fragile when bumped or scratched so they stay pretty and shiny for longer.

Let’s be honest, we’ve all taken our earrings off in a hurry and just dropped them on whatever flat surface we find. We don’t think about it twice but every time you don’t handle your gold jewelry with care it can get damaged.

In other words, 14k karat gold stud earrings are our strong friend. They can handle the occasional less than gentle handling. As long as we give them a polish every few months, they stay with us.

Creating an Edgy Look with 14k Gold Stud Earrings

Want a look that screams cool chick without oversized earrings? Studs are all you need.

If you have several piercings in your ears then go ahead and wear studs in all over. Create more dimension by mixing different metals and designs. Playing with size is also an easy way for adding edge. Create texture by alternating between big and small studs.

Mixing solid yellow gold and white gold studs without any gemstones work best for this look. Find designs with sharp edges for a rocker vibe. You can also pair the studs with a bar or geometric hoops for more dimension.

How to Complement a Summery Feminine Look

Spring is still on its way but we are already looking forward to summer. Then we can finally wear all the pretty flowing long dresses and cute short wraps. This clothing style actually works really well with 14k gold stud earrings.

Keeping your earrings subtle emphasizes the drama of your summer dress. This is why we love wearing 14k gold stud earrings with it. Go for studs that have a gemstone in a complementing color to the dress. For example, wear gold and rose quartz with a neutral color dress or gold and moonstone studs with a floral print.

Another plus point for wearing 14k gold stud earrings in summer? When the heat is too much, just jump in the water. Thanks to the 14 karat gold your earrings will survive. Just remember that waterproof makeup is key on hot sweaty days.

Studs for the Office for the Win

Practical jewelry is very important when you work in a busy office. You are constantly talking on the phone and running around. The last thing you want is earrings getting stuck in your hair or hurting yourself when you are pressing the phone against your ear. This is where 14k gold stud earrings come to your rescue.

Do yourself a favor and wear stylish gold studs. You barely even notice that you are wearing earrings, at all. If you do want your colleagues noticing your fab jewelry style, wear your hair up. Rock a slick high ponytail or channel your inner French girl with a simple low bun.

Celebrate Minimalism with 14k Gold Stud Earrings

14k gold stud earrings are practically made for the minimalist woman. Sometimes, less is definitely more. Especially when you want a clean, strong and polished look, try going minimal.

rose gold ball stud earrings

For this style, we love geometric shapes. Think triangles, bars, balls and squares. For a fresh take on this classic style, look for cutout studs. This gives the studs more dimension. Studs that have layers are also a great trick for adding dimension. For example, several grouped balls or stacked triangles.

Another simple way of looking subtle yet chic is wearing studs with an interesting back. Skip the butterfly back and go for an interesting design behind your ear, as well. Have fun with the size difference. For example, choose a piece with a simple front stud but a longer back piece that peeks out below your earlobe.

Gold stud earrings are the ideal pieces to have in your jewelry box. They work with statement necklaces and chunky cuff bracelets, as well as with dainty necklaces and subtle bangles. Moreover, 14k gold studs work in any occasion and always look appropriate. And for those of you who don’t find studs exciting enough, just think of how you can wear them mismatched or layer them with other earrings. This is why the time has come to get yourself the perfect pair of gold studs. To discover unique gold studs, visit Ana Luisa online jewelry shop and check out our fabulous collections.

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