Looking for a pair of unique earrings? That’s great because we have a couple of designs that will swipe you off your feet. At Ana Luisa, we specialize in unique jewelry that matches your personal style. This is why we have prepared an interesting article for your where you will not only discover five of our unique earrings designs but also how to style them. Read further to see our fabulous pieces and earn how to style earrings.

5 Unique Earrings by Ana Luisa

We have a confession to make. It was very difficult to choose from our stunning creations because all of our designs are unique. But we did choose, in the end. So we are proud to present you with the unique earrings of your dreams. And because we believe that you can have your cake and eat it too, we will also offer your styling inspiration for these gorgeous pairs of earrings. Scroll down to find out more.

Gold Statement Earrings – Lily

This fabulous pair of gold earrings is the result of a collaboration between Ana Luisa and Instagram influencer Lily (@Styleinbeta). With their lush gold texture, freeform design and sleek look, these unique earrings are everything you need for cocktail hour with your friends.

earrings for women

Wear your hair up in a sleek ponytail and these fabulous gold statement earrings. Let them take the center stage by skipping on the necklace and wearing a silk tank top. Choose a pair of leather shorts or a midi skirt in a solid color and accessorize these unique earrings with a cocktail ring. You only need stilettos and a chic mini clutch and you are ready to go out.

Enamel & Crystal Pearl Earrings – Anni

Exquisite is the word that best describes these unique earrings. With their flawless crystal pearls, deep red beads, and golden look, these earrings are simply fabulous. Handcrafted with attention to detail, these edgy earrings are everything you need when you want to rock an artsy look.

So go ahead and wear these unique earrings and pull your hair up in a messy updo so that they are visible to everybody. Style them with a dainty pearl pendant and a red gemstone ring to create a cohesive look. You can also wear a patterned crop top and a maxi skirt in a solid color. Choose flat sandals and midi bag and your artistic boho-chic look is ready.

Freshwater Pearl Earrings – Cloud

Inspired by the beauty of nature, these unique earrings feature lustrous freshwater pearls. They have a sleek look and a creative design that works wonderfully with a feminine outfit. Get ready for a romantic date because these earrings are perfect to wear with chiffon, silk and other precious textures.

Pearl hoop earrings

Wear these unique earrings with a silk maxi dress in a pastel color. Add a chic gold coin necklace and stack a couple of thin gold bangles. You can also choose a subtle anklet instead of the bracelets, but not both. Wear flat sandals and your favorite perfume and you are ready for that special date.

Leaf Gold Stud Earrings – Ginkgo

These fabulous unique earrings were inspired by the beauty of ginkgo biloba leaves. Delicate, with an elegant texture and a beautiful design, these unique earrings are great for a smart-casual look. Scroll down to get some styling inspiration for these fabulous studs and up your jewelry game.

Wear these unique earrings and style them with a couple of layered necklaces to get a creative smart-casual look. Choose a long coin necklace and a shorter nature-inspired necklace to bring back the theme of the earrings. Wear a simple V neckline t-shirt and a pair of crop jeans. You can also wear a gold anklet and sneakers to complete this fantastic look.

Colorful Enamel Earrings – Love

We named them love because these unique earrings represent the love for color and joy. With their linear drop design that elongates round faces and works wonderfully for oval faces, these unique earrings must not miss from your jewelry box. Handcrafted in an artistic enamel technique, these linear drop earrings are also easy to style. Yes, they feature a lot of colors, but it is easier to bring back one of the colors in your outfit and match them with your other jewelry.

boho earrings

Pull your hair in a half-up, half-down style and wear these unique earrings. Bring back one of the colors of the earrings with a chic turquoise necklace. Wear an off-the-shoulder white chiffon blouse and a pair of tailored trousers. Play with the colors and choose a moonstone ring. You also need your stiletto shoes and your chic bag. Tie up your look with a straw hat and a pair of oversized sunglasses. This is how you wear these unique earrings and create a memorable look.

If you enjoyed discovering five of our unique earrings designs, you should also read the rest of our articles as well. We publish daily content with lots of styling inspiration, buying guides and jewelry care advice. With our help, you will become a jewelry expert in no time and up your fashion game.

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