Gold drop earrings and classic blue – this is a love story waiting to happen. We don’t know if you’ve heard, but classic blue was named the color of the year. In case you were wondering how to start your year with style, you are in luck. We have selected six of our fabulous designs for gold drop earrings that will look fantastic with blue outfits. Read on to find out how to style different types of earrings and start your year looking fabulous.

Gold ball drop earrings & blue velvet

No, it’s not a Lynch movie, though this mix could be just as brilliant. You can easily style Ana Luisa’s Mini Kinoko Marble Gold earrings with a wrap blue velvet dress. As the earrings will be the focal point of your outfit, keep your other jewelry minimal. Depending on the neckline of your dress you can choose to wear a thin gold necklace. You can also wear a gold bangle or a simple gold ring with an interesting design.

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Let your gold drop earrings be visible by wearing your hair up in a messy updo. This look is perfect for cocktail time with your friends or even an office party. If you are looking for something on the wilder side, keep reading to discover your next favorite clubbing outfit.

Gold chain earrings & a blue faux-fur coat

We love gold drop earrings and we especially love them when they have a contemporary twist. Ana Luisa’s Sally earrings are like that. With their chic link design and sleek texture, these gold drop earrings are ideal for a night out. And since we promised a party outfit, let’s get styling.

Accessorize these fab link earrings with a gold collar and a chunky gold ring. You can also wear a large cuff bracelet instead of a chunky ring. Put on a classic blue faux-fur coat or vest and wear your skinny leather pants. As you are already wearing statement jewelry, keep your top monochrome and simple. Complete your outfit with a pair of strappy boots and you are ready to rock the party.

Gold drop earrings & a blue skater skirt

Looking for a more romantic outfit that you can wear on a first date? Say no more. Gold drop earrings are an ideal choice for a first date as they are feminine, classy and draw attention to your features. We recommend Ana Luisa’s Inta earrings that will look like tiny gold droplets hanging behind your ear lobes.

Braid your hair and wear a blue skater skirt. Accessorize your skirt with a feminine lace top and flat shoes. You can also wear a long pendant necklace and a couple of thin gold bangles. Keep it classy and fresh with a chic leather backpack.

Gold drop earrings & a blue suit

Wondering about the perfect office look? Then we have great news. Gold drop earrings work for your office outfits as well as long as they are not too big. And Ana Luisa’s Joyce earrings are perfect to wear with a sharp suit.

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Since we are focusing on classic blue, choose a suit of this color. Wearing a white blouse would be a cliché and we have a better idea. Instead of your classic white blouse, choose a soft gold halter neck top or a top of the same color as your suit. This way, you can either reinforce the glamorous feel of your earrings or get a chic monochrome look.

Either way, don’t wear a necklace. Instead, accessorize your gold drop earrings with a cocktail ring or and a thin chain bracelet.

Gold drop earrings & a blue knit jumper

Want to try the perfect chic-casual look while wearing gold drop earrings? It’s very easy to get it right with Ana Luisa’s Cruz earrings. These cute and versatile earrings feature an inner cubic zirconia gem that sparkles playfully.

Wear an oversized knit jumper in a classic blue color and a pair of simple leggings. Pull your hair up and accessorize your earrings with a layered necklace. Complete your look with over-the-knee boots and a fringe bag. You can also layer your earrings and wear huggies as well to create a contemporary effect.

Coin earrings & blue accessories

If classic blue is the color of this year, this doesn’t mean that it applies only to clothes. In fact, why don’t you try following this trend by wearing classic blue accessories only?

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Here’s what we have in mind. Choose Ana Luisa’s Michelle gold drop earrings. You can also get the matching layered necklace set to create a cohesive look. Go neutral with your dress. Wear grey, beige or a similar color that will act as a canvass for your accessories & jewelry. Get super chic with a classic blue fedora hat and a blue scarf. The final touch is a blue clutch and you are ready to go out.

If you enjoyed discovering how to style gold drop earrings with this year’s color, keep on reading. We promise more interesting articles on this blog, as well as care guides and jewelry buying information. Did our unique & beautiful designs catch your eye? Then go ahead and visit Ana Luisa online jewelry shop to discover our unique gold earrings. Check out our collections and buy jewelry that is sustainable, ethical and unique. Find out more about how we managed to create unique & gorgeous jewelry while also protecting the environment.

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