Shell earrings are this season’s trend. They look fabulous, have unique designs and are simply adorable. As sea-inspired jewelry takes over this season, it is time for us to fall in line and appreciate its beauty. Want to look effortlessly gorgeous this season? Then read further. In this article, you will discover how to style different types of earrings that feature shell designs. Read on to find out how to wear your shell earrings and make an unforgettable first impression wherever you go.

Types of shell earrings

Just to be clear from the start, we are not referring to earrings that feature actual shells. Sure, these shell earrings may look cool at a festival or a beach party, but we know you want a piece of jewelry that you can wear many times to many occasions. So, instead, we will talk about gold shell earrings or shell-inspired earrings that feature gemstones.

From delicate studs to chandelier shell earrings, there is a whole universe waiting for you to discover it. So grab a cup of coffee, sit back, relax and enjoy these styling ideas that will inspire you to wear shell earrings in a unique way.

How to style shell stud earrings

When it comes to shell earrings, studs are the most versatile and cute option. They also look very feminine and classy and you can wear them even to work. Styling a pair of shell studs is easy and fun. Whether you love silver, gold or rose gold, shell earrings look fantastic in any of these metals.

Wear your gold shell studs with a messy updo, a braid or even a ponytail so that they are visible. Create a theme by adding a simple pearl pendant and a solitaire pearl ring. A powder pink blouse and a navy midi skirt will complete your outfit. Wear suede sandals to complement your feminine look.

The trick with this type of shell earrings is to let them be visible and use your other jewelry to create a theme. You can also achieve that by choosing turquoise, aquamarine or even gold clothes. If you’d rather skip on the other jewelry, your shell earrings will look fantastic with a turquoise maxi dress. And speaking of turquoise, if you are the one to aim for a statement look whenever you go to a cocktail party, simply choose a low-cut solid color dress, a pair of shell studs and a turquoise statement necklace.

Inspiration for shell hoops

We love hoops and we love shell earrings, so why not combine both trends? A pair of chic medium-sized hoop earrings with a delicate gold shell charm hanging from them will definitely up your jewelry game. However, if you choose to wear this type of shell earrings, keep your other jewelry minimal. You don’t have to look too busy, do you?

Wear shell hoop earrings with a dainty think chain necklace or no necklace at all. Get a medium-sized gemstone cuff and skip on the ring. Complete your look with a pair of high-waist mom jeans, a solid white crop top, and a cute headband. If you want to go for a boho-chic look, choose a maxi skirt and swap the cuff for a hot anklet. You’re welcome!

Styling shell drop earrings

Drop earrings come in many shapes and sizes, so there isn’t only one style here. Shell earrings look fabulous when they feature a delicate pearl drop design, but they also look fantastic with a chandelier style. The type of drop earrings that you choose is up to you and your personal style.

Delicate shell earrings with a pearl drop design work best with a little black dress, a cuff bracelet and a solitaire pearl ring. Chandelier shell earrings are elaborate and fun and they look best when you keep your other jewelry minimal. Wear them with a solid color dress, matching shoes and perhaps a single ring. Another interesting style for shell earrings is the linear drop design. Playful and beautiful, this style works best with a turtleneck blouse, crop trousers, and a pearl beaded necklace.

What about mismatched shell earrings?

We didn’t forget about one of our favorite jewelry trends, of course. If you are feeling bold, shell earrings are ideal for trying out the mismatched look.

Wear a shell stud in one year and a pearl stud in the other to create a chic theme. You can bring back the elements in your theme with a solitaire pearl ring and a gold shell anklet. Mix and match your studs but be careful to always tell a story with your jewelry. The common theme is the most important if you want to pull off the mismatched earrings look.

Of course, you can also try the mismatched look with other types of shell earrings. A shell hoop along with a linear drop earring will create contrast. A chandelier shell earring with a delicate shell stud will also look gorgeous. Have fun mixing your earrings and discovering new creative ways to style them.

If you enjoyed reading about shell earrings and how to style these fab pieces, check out the rest of our other articles as well. We publish daily content that will help you become a jewelry expert in no time.

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