Gold hoop earrings are in. While some hoop lovers claim they were never out of style, one thing is sure. This season every woman must have at least a pair of gold hoops to wear whenever she wants to be dazzling and stylish. Whether we are talking about rose gold earrings, 14k gold earrings or other types of hoops, this kind of earrings will always compliment your style and make you feel fabulous.

Those were the great news. The not-so-great news is that there is a science to wearing gold hoop earrings. You can go wrong with them if you don’t style them properly and, instead of getting a glam, movie-star look, you’ll get a fruit salad. However, you have no reason to worry because Ana Luisa fashion experts are here. Discover the rules of matching gold hoop earrings with your clothes and makeup, as well as some cool ideas for your future fabulous outfit.

1. What colors should you wear with gold hoops?

No matter how you look at it, gold is glamorous. As a result, to emphasize your earrings, you should wear your gold hoops with a neutral color like black and white. Dark hues like burgundy, deep blue or emerald green also look fantastic with gold hoops. If you like your pastels, then you choose delicate gold hoop earrings instead of statement ones.

2. Where can you wear your gold hoops?

Gold hoop earrings are best worn on formal occasions where they have the chance to sparkle. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you can’t wear your favorite pair of rose gold earrings on other occasions. Gold hoops are great for a first date or a night out with your friends.

3. What accessories can you pair gold hoop earrings with?

Gold is a fascinating metal, but it comes with many rules. Avoid wearing other metals with gold and try to wear simple jewelry. To counterbalance your earrings, you can go for some elegant bangles or delicate rings. If you absolutely feel the need to wear a necklace as well, make sure it’s a thin, simple and delicate one.

These are mainly the rules for wearing gold hoops. But, since we promised style inspiration, we have put together a list of ideas for you to try different styles with your gold hoop earrings.

Red lips & gold hoops for a glam-hipster look. If you are going for a hipster style, then a great idea is to try on a deep red shade of lipstick. Wear your gold hoop earrings to get a dramatic and attention-drawing look. This style goes best with casual clothes, such as jeans and a tank top, but you can also try it with a little black dress.

Headwrap & large hoops for a bohemian look (or gypsy style).  Wear large hoops and a headwrap in neutral tones. Pair them with a nice long skirt or baggy clothes and make sure you don’t forget about the bangles. With this style, you can never have too many bangles. If you are not big on headwraps, you can always wear a wavy hairdo or try a bun using half of your hair.

Geometry & medium-sized hoops for a sharp, contemporary style. If you like your gold hoops with a twist, try geometrically shaped ones. This type of hoops goes great with a suit or even a leather jacket depending on your style. One of the advantages of geometrical hoops is that they are versatile. You can wear them on a daily basis or even for going out. Just remember to style your hair so that it compliments your beautiful earrings.

Tiny gold hoop earrings for a romantic and classic look. The great thing about tiny hoop earrings is that you can match them with almost any outfit. You can also wear them anytime and you will still look fabulous. If you are going for a discreet timeless look, then a pair of delicate gold hoops should never miss from your wardrobe.

Hoop-drop earrings for a trendy minimalist style. Get a pair of asymmetrical hoop earrings, a simple and elegant one-shoulder dress and a straight hairdo and you have the recipe for a stylish and feminine look. When wearing hoop-drop earrings make sure that you pair them with simple and elegant clothes.

Cartilage hoops & large gold hoop earrings for an inventive look. Who says you have to wear a single pair of hoops? Play with your style and try cartilage earrings with large hoops to get an artistic effect. Your clothes need to have clean, simple lines and your hair will look gorgeous in an elegant, simple updo.

Of course, there are many more style ideas for gold hoop earrings which you can try. Get yourself a high-quality beautiful pair of gold hoops from online jewelry shop and start experimenting with your look.

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