Beach jewelry is great for complementing a fabulous wavy hair and turquoise sea Instagram picture which will make all your friends hate you. If you add a fruity cocktail as well you are guaranteed to make everybody envious. So while you are planning your next amazing vacation, make sure you leave some space in your luggage for your turquoise bracelet or fabulous hoop earrings.

Remember, though, that not all jewelry can be worn on a beach day. Some of them for maintenance reasons, other for style reasons. So read further to find out the rules of wearing jewelry to the beach (or a pool party) and get some inspirational ideas for your next beach outfit.

Beach jewelry rules & care

The first thing you need to consider when choosing your rings for the beach is that cold water can have a shrinking effect on the body. It is not a good idea to wear rings which are already slightly loose or you may end up losing them. Also, avoid precious rings such as your engagement ring. Necklaces and earrings should be fine, but also pay attention to your bracelets.

While we love sand and the way it feels when we are walking barefoot on the beach, your jewelry may not love it so much. Sand is abrasive and it can ruin gold plated items and soft gemstones such as amethyst and citrine. Go for sterling silver instead and harder gemstones. If you love your gold bangles, you can wear them as well, but try to avoid getting them in contact with the sand. The same goes for the salt in the water.

When you are going to the beach it’s mandatory to put on sunscreen but the chemicals in the lotion can affect your jewelry. Try to apply the lotion before going out and wait for the skin to absorb it. Then you can safely put on your jewelry.

Don’t forget to clean your jewelry after a beach day

This is one of the biggest mistakes to make. After your beach day carefully remove your jewelry and clean it with a damp cotton cloth. It’s very important not to skip this step if you want your beach jewelry to maintain its stylish and beautiful look.

Consider your tan line

We are sure that you don’t want a big discolored stain on your chest or around your neck, so try to avoid big chunky jewelry at the beach (unless we are talking about hoop earrings). Instead of a choker or statement necklace, try a delicate chain or charm necklace. Instead of a cuff bracelet try wearing gold bangles. The rule is to wear dainty jewelry at the beach if you want to get a nice, beautiful tan. Also, another reason why you should avoid chunky pieces is that you may soon get uncomfortable wearing them. The sun will warm up the metal and it can make things very difficult for you. Avoid this by leaving your statement jewelry at home to wear at a night pool party, for example.

Beach jewelry ideas

Any jewelry related to the sea is great to wear on a beach. A turquoise bracelet will make you stand out from the crowd, while some delicate gold bangles will bring an extra hint of femininity to your style. You can also wear sea-themed items, such as shell pendants and sailor stud earrings.

When it comes to your rings, the hottest trend right now is to stack them. Yes, your fingers will get tan lines but, on the other hand, if you are always wearing rings, who can tell? Besides, stacked golden rings look wonderful with a simple swimsuit and a large straw hat.

If you love hoops, then we have great news. Besides being fashionable, hoop earrings are ideal beach jewelry. You can find them in any color and material, but for a dazzling look, we recommend resin hoops or golden ones. Check out our resin earrings collection here.

resin earrings

In case you are not a big fan of hoops, stud earrings look just as fashionable on the beach, especially when paired with a delicate fine charm necklace.

Last, but not least, there is a big comeback this year – anklets. When it comes to beach jewelry, there is no better place to wear your delicate stylish anklets. Choose a thin dainty piece to avoid tan lines and you are all set to have a fabulous look for the beach and plenty of Instagram photos to showcase on your profile.

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