It is so hard to not to love this minimalist jewelry trend that allows you to keep an elegant and sophisticated look. The minimalism can be characterized as clean, with dainty lines, and overall simple. In this article, you will discover some of the best styling ideas on how to match and wear simple (minimalist) jewelry.  In addition to this, if you are one of those individuals who has fallen in love with exquisite and delicate jewelry, then you should continue reading. You will find some very interesting suggestions on the latest trends and what simple jewelry you should buy.

Why simple jewelry is perfect

Sometimes, it is pointless to purchase the latest trends because they are hard to pair up with everything in your wardrobe. However, this is not the case with simple jewelry. Due to their very simple design, clean lines, and discreet way of showing elegance, minimalist jewelry can be worn any time you want to.

Currently, the most popular way of wearing simple jewelry is to stack them all together. Placing two different types of rings may seem strange, but if their design is simple, they will look delicate even if you wear them right next to each other. You can also get a very stylish layering effect by combining one long chain necklace with a short delicate one. Now here are some easy and chic ideas for stylish and minimalist jewelry.

  1. The Parisian look

You can try a Parisian-inspired style by paring up a delicate chain necklace with a quality basic t-shirt. This outfit looks very neat and classy due to its simplicity. You can also wear a pair of mom jeans and a black leather jacket to balance the outfit with a Parisian style.

Try to take a very long simple chain necklace and turn it into a stylish double chain which goes perfectly with a V-neck top. You can really approach that Parisian classy way of dressing by adding a thin scarf to your outfit. Furthermore, the good thing about simple jewelry is that it always goes perfectly with other accessories. Minimalist jewelry allows you to achieve an eye-catching, classy and trendy look. For example, you can add a discreet simple jewelry and it will be just enough to complete your look.

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  1. Stacked rings for a cool look

Midi gold rings and normal skinny rose gold rings match very easily. Team them up and you can wear any outfit you desire. Simple jewelry is perfect for stacking because it will never look too much. In addition to this, you can create a never-ending line of combinations according to your preference and style. You can also take a delicate rose gold wrap ring and pair it with other similar rings to balance the style.

You can stack up different types of simple rings to make a clear statement of your look. Wearing big and colorful pieces does not always make you look trendy and stylish. You can wear your favorite outfit and as many skinny rings as you want and it will never be too much.

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  1. Layered jewelry for stylish looks

Today, one of the most popular trends is the layering style because it looks remarkable, fashionable and, most important, very feminine. You can even combine different types of simple jewelry and it will never look out of place, on the contrary. For example, you can pair up a set of layered chain necklaces with stud earrings and a gold chain bracelet or rings to achieve a cute yet futuristic look. Even so, you don’t always have to wear your simple jewelry layered up, but buying at least two delicate necklaces of different lengths will always keep your options open for a new and interesting look.

Layering goes extremely well with simple bracelets and gold chain bracelets. You can use different kinds of simple gold bangles and chain bracelets to make your look elegant and neat. Graceful simple jewelry is great to get that professional look.

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  1. Stacked bangles for a hip look

Just like stacking simple style rings and midi rings, you can combine multiple simple bangles to get that funky look. This style will look great for those who love wearing a lot of jewelry. You may even feel like you don’t have enough when wearing simple minimalist jewelry.

Try to combine these bangles with a pair of boyfriend or mom jeans and a detailed sleeveless top for an unconventional and cool style. You can also try to stack up cuff bracelets with a gold chain bracelet for a dressy and casual look.

These styling ideas for simple jewelry can inspire you for the next time you go out. In time you will see that simple jewelry can go well with any style. Feel free to experiment and create your own unique combination of simple jewelry.

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