At Ana Luisa, we have a variety of stunning sterling silver jewelry to choose from. Our crafters carefully make our jewelry with the finest silver to guarantee our product’s uniqueness and superior quality… all for you! Of course, sterling silver is gorgeous and shiny, but there are other reasons to love this precious metal beyond its breathtaking appeal.

At one point in history sterling silver was incredibly expensive and reserved for the elite, but fast-forward to today and it is one of the most affordable metals out there… and the most sparkly, might I add. Sterling silver is timeless and fashionable. For centuries is has been associated with wealth, luxury and more notably, its versatility. Furthermore, it is the lightest of all metals and has a lustrous finish.

So, whether you are a fanatic or skeptical about wearing it; here are 5 reasons you should continue wearing sterling silver or why you should start!

1. Sterling Silver Jewelry is Always Trendy

With all the crazy fashion trends going on (Balenciaga crocs, anyone?), no one even has time to catch a breath anymore. Keeping up with trends can be tiring, but with a few sterling silver pieces in your jewelry box, you can never go wrong! No matter what trend is hot or not, you will always be able to rock sterling silver pieces.

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Sterling Silver is not going out of style anytime soon (let’s be real- it probably never will), which means there are endless possibilities. You can match it with any outfit whether you are having a casual day or going out for a fancy dinner. Many runway jewelry pieces incorporate sterling silver and more often than not, their pieces are set in it.

2. Versatility in a Growing Collection

Because sterling silver is unlikely to go out of style, this gives an opportunity for you to grow your jewelry collection. Forget about spring cleaning when you have a timeless sterling silver collection. More of these pieces means more fun and less hassle. From pendants to bangles to rings, you won’t have to worry about matching with other metals due to your already established collection. Feel free to add onto your collection with more sterling silver pieces as needed. In this case, more silver is never too much!

3. Durable

Pure silver is pliable and easy to mold, which is why it is mixed with other metals such as copper, nickel, or zinc to create sterling silver, ensuring its durability. Side note: this doesn’t mean you should value it any less! A common misconception is that pure silver is more desirable than sterling silver. However, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Silver mixed with a second alloy ensures that it is resilient and stable, so you can wear it with no worries.

4. Easy Maintenance

Although sterling silver is durable, maintenance is key in keeping up with your jewelry. Don’t keep those stunning pieces in your jewelry box for too long! It is delicate and can get dirty if not taken care of properly. Good news for you, it is super easy to maintain.

Our first tip is to take off your jewelry at the appropriate times. This means when you’re showering, in hot places, exercising, using cleaning supplies preparing food that contains sulfur, or using lotion. Yes, you may be forgetful at times, but you will thank yourself later for your sparkling jewelry!

Secondly, store your jewelry properly. We know you want to pack all your fab jewelry while traveling but try not to pack them all in the same bag! In this case, using more space is better. Store your sterling silver jewelry in separate, air-tight bags to ensure any outside exposure does not scratch or damage it. Besides, who wants tangled jewelry anyway?

One major thing to remember is that you can prevent tarnish just by simply wearing your jewelry! Super convenient, right? The oils on your skin essentially clean the silver, therefore making it look more lustrous and shiny!

Lastly, polish that sterling silver pretty. Use a soft polishing cloth in back and forth motions. Make sure not to scrub that lovely metal too hard to avoid wearing down its shine. An easy DIY trick is to use a tablespoon of dish detergent, salt, baking soda in a cup of hot water. Put it all in an aluminum foil container then soak and voila! You have the recipe for success. You’re welcome.

5. Affordable

You can find sterling silver jewelry in many stores across the globe. More places to buy it means endless variations of styles and designs to choose from- and various price ranges. There is always a chance for you to find something unique to suit your personal style while also fitting your budget. Sterling silver gives you endless opportunities to be innovative in ways that other metals may not. If you decide to purchase a genuine sterling silver piece, it will prove itself to you to never be a waste of money. Check out our fine jewelry collections and see for yourself; affordability and elegance go hand-in-hand when it comes to our products.

There you have it. Now you know why we love sterling silver so much and why you should too! Make sure to keep these reasons in mind the next time you go out to buy some bling. Share this article with your friends to let them know why you wear sterling silver jewelry.

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