Pearls, gold, sterling silver, resin… what do these all have in common? That’s right, they’re all materials used in the making of jewelry. But what about wood? Often underrated, wood jewelry is an up and coming trend that is sure to take over soon due to its versatility and stunning look. Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but the use of wood in jewelry is eco-friendly and sustainable. We know you’re dying to try it out!

Why Wood Jewelry?

You don’t have to feel any less glamorous with wooden jewelry. Even though wood doesn’t sparkle, you will always look unique and edgy with a glamorous wooden piece of jewelry. Aside from being sustainable and eco-friendly, wooden jewelry is very light. Your earlobes won’t have to suffer another pair of earrings dragging them down again (we feel your pain). Because wooden jewelry can be extremely light-weight, you will feel as if you are not wearing any jewelry at all! Wood jewelry, whether it be layered necklaces, hoops, or bangles, give you the ability to maintain your active lifestyle without worrying about feeling uncomfortable or irritated. You can also pair wood jewelry with just about anything regardless of your personal style. There will always be something that stands out for you!

Wood Jewelry Style

Pro tip: You don’t have to give up style to be sustainable. People are becoming more and more interested in sustainable living in this day in age, from using compost bins to biking to work or school every day, so why not take it up a notch and let your eco-friendly-ness reflect in your jewelry? Since many people are becoming aware of sustainable living, this means that wooden jewelry will be here to stay for years to come. So, stock up now and get ready to show off this new unique style before anyone else.

For a Bohemian look, match a wooden statement necklace with a cropped, wide-leg jumpsuit. This will add a flowy, boho-chic look to your overall outfit that will undeniably turn heads. Add some thick wooden bangles for a double effect and watch your outfit glow.

Do you want to look more modern and put-together? If so, wear a pair of small, wood hoop earrings to work or an evening out. Match the desired look with black cigarette pants, a tucked in blouse and an over-sized blazer. The small-sized wood hoops will add a subtle yet stylish touch to your ensemble, without ever being too over-bearing. You will truly look one-of-a-kind in this classy, stand-out style.

If you’re at a day party on a beach or by a pool, wood jewelry will give you an instant touch of style for those warm, summer afternoons- just make sure to take it off before you go in the water. Pair your beachy look with a long, beaded, layered wooden necklace. This will give off an effortless, tropical vibe to your appearance.  Whether you are chatting it up with friends by the water or having a mimosa (or 5) by the bar, you will receive tons of compliments on your new, trendy jewelry.

Bold, trendy, and eco-savvy, it’s no wonder wood jewelry is on the rise to popularity this summer. Keep our style tips in mind when creating your outfit with wood jewelry, or try a style not mentioned and share it with us! Be sure to share this article with your friends to keep them up with the latest jewelry trends.

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