Trying to find the perfect outfit inspiration? Looking for those thrifty deals? Want to try out a new trend but need a second opinion? Fashion blogs are the perfect source for you if you are in search of any of these things…plus so much more! But, it can be incredibly difficult to find a blog that is aesthetically pleasing, consistent, organized AND relates to you. We know exactly how you feel which is why our team at Ana Luisa has created a list of our top 31 favorite fashion blogs (in no particular order)! Your search is finally over. Read on to see why we come back to these trendy blogs over and over again.


1)  Remarques


Author: Teni Panosian

Beauty? Style? Home Design? Travel? Skincare? This blog has it all! What we admire the most is Remarque’s minimal design and easy to use navigation. And her style choices?  Don’t even get us started! Each article reveals a phenomenal ensemble whether you are looking for something casual, trendy, or for a beach getaway. If that wasn’t enough, Teni also has her own YouTube channel where she shares her beauty routines, house tours, travel diaries and more! Get in on all the fun and check her out now.




2) SheFindsfashion

Author: Michelle Madhok 

We’re a sucker for genuine reviews and those feel-good vibes when it comes to blogs. SheFinds has just that. You are always in for a treat when you browse through this blog. It’s all about making women feel good – who doesn’t love female empowerment? Better yet, this site is written by real women for real women! They’ve got you covered with the latest fashion and beauty trends, collaborations, and tutorials. Did we mention they have all the scoop on online sales and deals? You’re missing out if you haven’t subscribed already!

3) Liliest

Author: Unknown fashion

If you are an avid tumblr user, or are simply interested in fashion, you need to keep up with this blog! The Liliest tumblr account offers a minimally chic aesthetic that is hard to take your eyes off. The blog’s soft look with the occasional pops of color are what we live for. You will always find some inspirations when scrolling through.






4) Style by Livfashion

Author: Olivia

We love a positive queen that is always willing to spread their motivation and energy! Get ready to start living better because Olivia is here to help you along the way. Become the better version of yourself that you’ve always wanted to be! She partners up with really cool brands and always has a discount code ready to share. What’re you waiting for? Go ahead and click that link.


5) Beauty Professor

Author: Rachel Anisefashion

Have you ever heard of a professor who is also a fashion blogger? Well, there’s a first for everything. You don’t want to miss what this blogger/professor/actress/model has in store for you! If you’re deciding on which shadow palette to get or which foundation would be best for you, the Beauty Professor has got you covered with just about anything related to makeup. We love her caring personality and her willingness to help other women glow. She also takes ALL of her pictures by herself. Now, that is true talent.

6) The Fashion Broad

Author: Stephanie Borakfashion

Be aware: Stepanie’s smile is contagious! Not only that, but her outfits are to die for. She stays updated with the latest trends and shows you how she styles them in every blog post. She obviously knows how to work those camera angles. A former New Yorker, now a Californian, Stephanie loves sharing her style with us and all we have to say is: keep it coming!



7) Redstreak Girl

Author: Nickyfashion

Nicky’s blog is truly unlike any other. She combines her love for fashion and being a mom with her interest in her own culture and experiences as a Native Woman – how amazing is that? She shares her fashion tips and takes viewers through her journey in finding trendy plus-size clothing. Nicky even has her own line of colorful pins called “Pindigineous”, and let me tell you, they are the cutest pins we have ever seen!





8) Curvatude

Author: Jaye Gipson-Trimblefashion

We love Jaye’s blog because she is unapologetically herself! She runs a successful Chicago plus size fashion and lifestyle blog with tons of outfit inspo. She’s got the go-to looks you need for festivals, summer strolls, working out, and so much more. She makes it even easier for you to shop her stylish looks by adding the product pictures and links to each website. She is actual fashion blog goals!




9) FatGirlFlowfashion

Author: Corissa Enneking

Corissa is breaking boundaries and won’t let anyone get in her way! She is strong, confident, and a go-getter which reflects in all her beautifully written blog posts. Not only does she share her fashion choices, but she discusses stigmas surrounding weight in society. She is a source of support and inspiration to SO many people struggling with their body image. Now that is what we call a girl boss.




Author: Tanisha Awasthifashion

Inspirational blogs are what we live for. GIRL WITH CURVES is an award-winning blog that covers a plethora of topics such as: trends, beauty advice, style tips, wellness, parenting and more. Tanisha Awasthi started this blog in 2011 as a creative outlet for herself which turned into an outlet of encouragement for women to look and feel amazing regardless of their size, weight, race, etc. Thank you Tanisha for inspiring so many people all over the world!



11) Mom Spark

Author: Amy Bellgardtfashion

Amy needed an outlet as a stay at home mom, which is why she started her blog, Mom Spark! We love the way she connects with other moms by sharing recipes, fashion, crafts/diy, décor and more. She even travels around the U.S. and abroad for press trips, travel writing assignments and humanitarian work. She does it all!





12)  Living in Yellow

Author: Erin Schraderfashion

One thing we appreciate about Erin is her way of being blunt. She doesn’t pretend she is something she is not and quite frankly states what her life is like. While she shares fashion and lifestyle posts, her purpose of this blog is to express her enjoyment for life. She writes about anything that inspires her and finds beauty in anything she does. Check out her lively blog!




13) Lisa a la Mode

Author: Lisafashion

We love Lisa because she acknowledges that life isn’t always pretty! Her goal isn’t to just have another “pretty” blog, but instead show that life comes with many twists and turns – and tons of struggle. She is a Black Feminist sharing her fashion favorites and covers topics that relate to her and her audience. You HAVE to check her out!





14)  Miss Mossfashion

Author: Diana Moss

Diana is a creative blogger and designer from Cape Town, South Africa. She has a passion for visual treasures, so you will always find content that is unique and breathtaking. Miss Moss consists of topics including: fashion, photography, design, travel and so much more. She writes about edgy fashion trends that are unusual yet so enticing. You’d be crazy to not take a look at her work!


15)  Sequins and Stripes

Author: Liz Schneider/Adamsfashion

Probably one of the trendiest moms you will ever see, Liz really knows how to put a stellar outfit together! She talks about motherhood, family, travel, beauty, and outfits. She even adds photos of her latest finds with links, so you can shop them too! Sequins and Stripes is super helpful if you are trying to find styling tips, shopping strategies, or outfit inspiration. Give her blog a look – you won’t regret it!




16) Brown Paper Bagfashion

Author: Sara Barnes

One word to describe this blog is artsy. You will instantly feel inspired to embroider your own clothing when you browse through this colorful blog. Sara emphasizes illustration and believes it should be celebrated, no matter what form it takes shape in! She writes about visual illustrations and embroidery and even posts her own fun projects. What’re you waiting for? Click on her blog now!


17) Merrick’s Artfashion

Author: Merrick White

Merrick is your go-to fashion savior for style related tips – and we mean it. She creates sewing articles, so you can make your own pieces whether it be for holidays, special events, or for everyday wear. If you have always been interested in sewing but didn’t know where to start, we HIGHLY recommend you start right here. She also writes about her family, lifestyle, and has a wearable wardrobe guide to help you update your closet with the trendiest outfits! What more could you ask for?


18) The Curvy Fashionistafashion

Author: Marie

This blog has a way of making you feel at home. Marie believes that all women should have access to the finest resources to help them become their best self. She’s here to spread the word that fashion is for everyone, and that any women can be stylish with the right pieces. Click through her blog to see how she has moved the plus size industry forward!

19) Barefoot Blondefashion

Author: Amber Fillerup Clark

This blog is a compilation of all things hair, beauty, fashion, and fitness! What makes Amber stand out from all the rest is that she has her own clip-in hair extension line – how amazing is that? She lives in Hawaii with her family, and let me tell you, they are absolute goals. Don’t hesitate to check out her stunning blog right now.



20) Kelly In The Cityfashion

Author: Kelly Larkin

Kelly spent her twenties in the Big Apple as an online news editor and later became a middle school teacher where she met her now husband. How cute? Her photos and sense of style are truly amazing and her baby? An absolute DOLL. What we love about her blog is how she has clear categories for each season which include styling tips, sales, and her recent finds. You’ll always know her blog has got you covered with trends to match any type of weather.


21) Wardrobe Oxygenfashion

Author: Alison Gary

Let’s just set the record straight – you’re never to old to be stylish! Alison helps you reach your style potential regardless of age, size or budget. The most important point you will learn from Wardrobe Oxygen is that you can achieve style even with a small closet. The possibilities are endless! You will find tons of honest reviews – you will never be fooled by another scam again.



22) Fabulous After 40fashion

Author: Deborah Boland

This blog is extremely engaging and relatable. Deborah believes that there are no rules to “dressing your age” meaning that you don’t have to look boring or give up your style! She sends a powerful message that it’s not about looking young, but instead looking modern. There is lots of inspo from street chic, to trends and outfits.


23) SF Girlfashion

Author: Victoria Smith

You need this blog in your life- your eyes will definitely thank you for it. Victoria is a blogger, photographer, photo stylist and author creating incredible content. Just when you thought that was impressive, she was also one of the first Pinterest influencers that helped launch Pinterest in 2010! Her Instagram features many interior designs that are to die for. Trust us, you won’t be able to look away.

24) The Urban Umbrellafashion

Author: Bree

The Urban Umbrella is unapologetic and real. Bree gives you a look inside her lifestyle, her look, and her reality. It’s all about fun and practicality for every woman. You will find style tips and inspiration – on a budget and filled with comfort. Whether you’re traveling, working, or hanging out, Bree has the styles you will love to feel cozy yet oh so chic.


25) Jo-Lynne Shanefashion

Author: Jo-Lynee Shane

Jo-Lynn is unique because she knows how to make you feel like one of her friends. She keeps you updated with the latest trends, sales, and everyday outfits and was ranked as one of the top 50 influential moms online! She emphasizes her desire to be stylish, not trendy and believe accessorizing is key when it comes to styling outfits.



26) Truelanefashion

Author: Chelsea Lankford

We get super cool-chic and relaxed vibes from this blog. The aura is contagious – and we’re loving it. For those of you with expensive taste and classic pieces, this is just the right place to explore. Casual, timeless, and fashionable,  Chelsea always knows how to put together a breathtaking outfit.


27) Urban Swankfashion

Authors: Shanna Jones & Felice Sloan.

Urban Swank, named after Shanna (“urban”) and Felice (“swank”) is a Houston-based blog covering food, fashion, travel, beauty, and everything in between. Shanna is an avid watch lover- you just have to see her massive collection. This dynamic duo inspires people from ALL urban areas and you’ll just have to check out their blog to see why.



28) A Cup of Jofashion

Author: Joanna Goddard

Joanna has worked for some of the leading fashion magazines throughout her career such as Glamour and New York. A Cup of Jo covers beauty, design, fashion, food, travel, relationships, motherhood and lifestyle. If you are enthusiastic about fashion and love discovering new things, this blog is totally for you!



29) The Chic Sitefashion

Author: Rachel Hollis

Rachel will be the first to admit that life is not always sunshine and rainbows – and that’s ok. Life can be chaotic, but she embraces this. Proving just how hectic and unpredictable life is, she admits she started her blog after she set her Thanksgiving turkey on fire. She is honest, witty, and quite easy to fall in love with. Stay up to date with her blog now!


30) Society 19fashion

Society 19 is a college lifestyle blog covering fashion, beauty, lifestyle, relationships, and of course, college life. You can even select your own school (if it’s on the list) to view articles related articles such as dorm life, best places to eat, party spots and so much more. If you’re a college student and haven’t seen this blog, what are you waiting for?



31) Cupcakes and Cashmerefashion

Author: Emily Schuman

We would describe Emily’s style as elegant, soft, and playful. She reveals her love for the little pleasures in life by showcasing her fashion, travel food, beauty and interior design. She even has her own clothing line and bedding collection out! Find her styles at Revolve, Nordstrom, or Bloomingdales and you’ll see why we have fallen head over heels with her pieces!

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