Midi rings are the perfect chic statement. You can make any outfit look trendy and stylish by wearing these little beauties. They take you out of the ordinary and add a much-needed twist to your everyday look. Sometimes stacking rings can get overbearing and start to look messy. The good news is that the same is not true for midi rings. You don’t have to worry about stacking these gems because of their light, minimal look. Midi rings sit right above your knuckle and sit tight on your finger, so they don’t go flying throughout the day.

These babies are super easy to pair with other rings. You don’t have to question whether you should wear them or not; you can always take the leap and just go for it! We love the laid-back feel of the midi ring, and we want to share our recent obsession with you! Read on to find out the ways you can style your midi rings.

All About the Statement

Midi rings have a way of making an outfit flow, without ever taking away the spotlight. One of our favorite ways to style a midi ring is with a chunky statement ring. Wear your favorite Ana Luisa statement ring on your middle finger and pair it with a delicate midi ring on your pointer finger. Your midi ring will shine, but at the same time allow the statement ring to bask in its glory. The midi ring is the light at the end of the tunnel: it guides your other pieces within the ensemble. Don’t forget that mani! A brushed-up manicure with a pop of color will do the trick for an ultra-glam look. If you’re looking for something a bit subtler, try pastel colors such as light pinks, blues, and purples.

As a general guide on wearing your midi ring, take a look at the diagram below:

Midi Rings

Soft + Minimal or Big + Bold?

They may be small, but midi rings definitely add that edge to any outfit. If you are just trying out this trend, our stylists recommend you try a ring on one finger at a time. This way, you can get a feel for which finger you like it better on. This will also allow you to get used to the feeling of the ring on the knuckles of your fingers!

For those that are fearless and bold; stack it up! Try multiple midi rings on one finger or use varying lengths of midi rings on all your fingers.  This will give you a boho vibe to your look perfect for a night walk on the beach. Pair your stacked midi rings with a long flowy dress, straw hat, and flip flops for those warm, sandy evenings.

Versatility in Midi Rings

Our stylists LOVE the fact that midi rings are so versatile. Honestly, what can’t you wear with a midi ring? They are very malleable making them easy to fit on almost any finger. Do you have any rings that just don’t fit you like they used to? Take a second thought before you throw that piece away! Why not wear it as a midi ring? You can also go a few sized down when ring shopping and wear it as a midi ring. If you’re not sure what size to get, a general rule is to size down by 3-5 sizes. For pinky rings, generally 5-6 sizes down.

Mix Metals with Textures

The beauty in midi rings is that you can make them your own. Everyone wears them differently and caters it to their own personal style. One way you can stand out and make these stylish rings your own is by mixing it up with metals and textures. Pair a solid gold midi ring with a pressed, textured gold ring, or even a textured gemstone ring. This will add a unique flair guaranteed to brighten up your look.

Try midi rings with arrows or spikes. This will liven up your look and grab a little extra attention. Don’t simply follow trends, be a trend-starter! Once you get the hang of styling your midi ring, try different variations of rings, different sizes, and different shapes! Start getting inspired and who knows, you may end up leading a major trend one day.

Would you try this trend? Let us know in the comments!

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