A collar necklace is the must-have jewelry piece for winter styling. Come winter time the necklines get higher, the fabrics get heavier and you’re probably wearing more layers. A necklace then easily becomes an overlooked jewelry piece. Well, it doesn’t have to be. A collar necklace is the accessory you need to instantly upgrade your favorite sweater. Haven’t introduced this jewelry trend into your collection yet? It’s okay, you’ve probably just been waiting for some tips on how to buy fashion necklaces. Here they are! Read on for a quick and clear education on how to shop for collar necklaces.

Find the Right Size

A collar necklace is usually 14 inches or less. The fit is extremely important with this necklace style so we recommend trying them on before buying. If you are looking for a fashion jewelry necklace then the store might not let you try on the necklace. Go out prepared by measuring the circumference of your neck with a fabric measuring tape, first. This will tell you which length to buy.

Place the measuring tape in a way that feels comfortable to you. A collar doesn’t need to be as tight as a choker because they are usually worn lower on the neck. Many collar necklaces will also extend lower towards the bust.

Nothing Is Cooler Than a Metallic Collar

We love metallic collar necklaces. The stiffness and color makes any outfit cooler, even your button down and baggy sweater. Gold, silver and platinum collar necklaces all scream confidence.

There’s two ways you can go when choosing a metallic collar. Either choose the piece that is super minimalist or the piece that’s basically a tiara around your neck. More on the latter in the next section because girl, we have a lot to tell you.

Look at the metals in your jewelry collection. Which metal do you wear most often? This is the same metal that you should buy for your collar necklace. A collar necklace is a statement piece so complement the rest of the jewelry to the collar, not the other way around. This is why we recommend that you choose the metal that is already prominent in your jewelry collection. We do love mixing metals but you don’t have to follow every single trend each time.

Here are some styling ideas for each type of metal. Wear a gold studded collar necklace over your blue office button down or pair it with an animal print. Complement neon colors or a graphic sweater with a simple rounded platinum collar. A silver collar necklace is a bit more casual and looks pretty against pastel colored clothing. Try a silver piece that looks like a large cuff bracelet for more edge.

Dazzling Collar Necklaces

If you want to bring the bling but still keep it classy then try an embellished metal collar. Look for a collar necklace that has beads, pearls or other gemstones. It will make your outfit twinkle just like the stars.

While you are browsing for the sparkly piece, check the setting of the embellishments. Are they secure enough? A bezel or paved settings are very secure and look good in a metal collar necklace. Avoid glued on semi-precious stones. You don’t want to panic because you’ve suddenly noticed a missing stone.

Collar necklaces made from a fabric like lace, velvet or satin might have beads or gemstones on them too. Jewelry designers sow beads and gemstones into the fabric so that the pieces are secure. Gemstones that are attached by thread are more secure than gemstones that are glued on. Always check a beaded piece for loose threading.

You can wear collars with semi-precious stones with clothing that is equally bedazzled or to make your otherwise simple outfit livelier. Match the color of the stones with the rest of your jewelry.

Pretty in a Patterned Collar Necklace

A collar necklace with a pattern is a fresh and quirky piece. Collar necklaces often make your outfit more formal but one with a pattern keeps the look fun.

When you are looking for a patterned piece, keep in mind how well it will match with your clothing. Collar necklaces are jewelry pieces but also extensions of your outfit so they need to match. Graphic patterns and animal prints can read as costume rather than jewelry. We recommend more subtle patterns. If you really want your collar necklace to stand out then go for a piece with lots of gemstones.

Collar necklaces are the style hack that you need when you want to wear a shirt more than once in the week. You don’t need more clothes, you just need more collar necklaces. Keep reading for more jewelry buying guides.

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